• From product to pores to bloodstream

    From product to pores to bloodstream

    When we first started our lowtox journey we were faced with a lot of confusion and debate. Our skin is the largest organ of our body, what are we absorbing? What don’t we absorb? Does any of it even matter? When we looked at the facts, this confusion was immediately laid to rest. Yes, we absorb product ingredients and yes, we need be concerned...
  • Give a gift without the toxins

    Give a gift without the toxins

    Christmas is right around the corner and whilst it’s not all about the presents, it surely plays a large part. Trying to find the right gift can be tricky, not to mention searching for a gift that supports a low-tox lifestyle.
  • A peep at preservatives

    A peep at preservatives

    Preservatives are not the bad guys. We need them in our products to prolong shelf life by warding off pathogens and undesirable chemical changes. Without preservatives, our shampoo can easily spoil and lead to irritation or infection.
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