Everescents Organic Orange & Sandalwood Heat Protector Finishing Cream
Smooths and protects when heat styling General Directions Heat Protector:Use in towel dried hair before a dryer, or dry hair before an iron. After styling, apply a small amount to hair using downward strokes to reduce flyaways & add shine....
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Natulique Heat & Sun Protect
NATULIQUE Heat & Sun Protector is an all-in-one product that offers long-lasting, everyday heat, sun and UV protection.   Added beneficial oils and extracts deeply penetrate the hair shafts, hydrating the hair from the inside out and replenishes lost nutrients,...
Vegetalement Styling Water
 Végétalement Provence Styling Water is rich in active, herbal components of  aloe vera, camomile, fennel and lavender. It is a hydrating construction lotion with a subtle herbal fragrance, synergy of essential oils. Helps taming hair when used on wet hair,  its...
Organic Colour Systems Control Thermal 2 Twenty
Thermal 2 Twenty is a revolutionary spray which offers extreme hear protection for hair and reduces the damaging effects caused by straighteners, tongs and other thermal styling appliances. Thermal 2 Twenty offers outstanding protection up to 220 °C
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Vegetalement magic potion
The Végétalement Provence Magic Potion is a unique and innovative hair care product, that perfectly tames thick, curly, unmanageable and frizzy hair. Intensely nourishing, it disciplines hair fibre and helps smooth it. Its powerful active nutrients allow to redefine curls...
Everescents Organic Geranium Ultimate Hair Enhancer
Vitalises hair colour, repairs, restores & detangles Directions Apply an even amount to towel dried hair, comb through & leave in for ultimate conditioning benefits. May also be applied to dry hair or to mend split ends. For detangling, apply...
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