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Organic red vine herbal tea 50 GR
Recognised for its abilities to treat heavy legs and other circulatory or venous troubles, such as varicose veins and haemorrhoids. Also, very effective treatment for migraines and period pain.
Organic blackcurrant herbal tea 40 GR
Supports muscular wellbeing and improves suppleness and flexibility. Also, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic and diuretic. Helps fight fatigue and stimulates the immune system.
Storm + India Matcha whisk
Traditional design bamboo whisk, with 100 prongs essential for making delicious creamy plant-based matcha lattes and tea.  
Storm + India Zen matcha
ORGANIC, TRADITIONALLY HARVESTED & STONE MILLED  Our Zen Ceremonial Matcha is grown on certified organic Tea Gardens in Uji, Kyoto and harvested in spring. We stone mill the young whole green tea leaves into an emerald green powder. Matcha is...
Storm + India English breakfast tea
A TRADITIONAL BREAKFAST TEA Full of flavour, soothing and energizing, this tea gently lifts your mood and is the perfect way to start your day. We blended our favourite organic Assam black teas to create our Organic English Breakfast. It...
Storm + India Berry Cassis
AN ORGANIC FRUIT TEA A beautiful fruit tea, this is delicious warm and cold. It’s the perfect iced tea on a hot day, or base for your favourite smoothie or cocktail. A rich, refreshing infusion, Berry Cassis has subtle notes...
Storm + India Beauty tea
AN ORGANIC BEAUTY TEA A subtle mix of Chinese green tea, orange and spice creates this unique flavour. Gentle notes of ginger assist in removing toxins from your body and the mineral rich black pepper is a natural antibacterial. ARTISAN...
Storm + India Detox morning tea
A REVITALISING WELLNESS TEA Our delicious wellness tea is made from certified organic ingredients from European and Chinese Tea Gardens. Refreshing and invigorating, it’s full of plant-based goodness to support your daily wellness ritual. Earthy green tea, zesty lemongrass, orange...
Organic yellow birch herbal tea 25 GR
Blood cleansing, anti-inflammatory diuretic, helps eliminate toxins. Treats water retention as well as cellulite. Detoxified, skin is left more beautiful.
Organic verbena herbal tea 25 GR
Delicately fragranced with reported soothing and calming properties. Thus helps fight against stress, sleep problems and mild insomnia.
Organic thyme herbal tea 50 GR
Highly aromatic herb with multiple benefits for beauty and health. Thyme herbal tea aides the relief of ailment connected to the low temperatures (colds, flu, coughs, aches & pains, shivering, tonsillitis). Supports respiratory function during winter months.
Organic stinging nettle herbal tea 40 GR
Makes excellent herbal tea high in minerals and vitamins A, B, C and E. Very good diuretic which helps prevent water retention and kidney stones, purifies and astringent for the skin as well for the scalp.
Organic sage herbal tea 40 GR
Ideal to relieve sore throats and pain caused by laryngitis thanks to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. In this latter case, sage herbal tea can also be use for gargling.
Organic rosemary herbal tea 50 GR
Fights effectively against fatigue, digestive and liver troubles, respiratory and ENT (ear, nose and throat) infections, relieves headaches.
Organic red linden sapwood herbal tea 50 GR
Effective at draining toxins from the body and dissolving kidney stones. Also, soothes chronic arthritic pains and sciatica.
Organic raspberry leaf herbal tea 25 GR
Powerfull ally for female health, recommended muscle relaxant at the end of pregnancy to ease labour, antispasmodic, soothes menstrual pains.
Organic peppermint herbal tea 40 GR
Pleasing taste, aides digestion, relieves nausea, calms pain, treats pulmonary and digestive tract infections, eczema, and biliary and pancreatic weakness.
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Organic passionflower herbal tea 50 GR
Relieves anxiety and nervousness. Sedative and antispasmodic properties, helps with sleep. Regulates cardiac rhythm and soothes nervous states.
Organic meadowsweet herbal tea 25 GR
Dubbed the "herbal aspirin" because of its analgesic, anti-inflammatory and anti-rheumatic properties. Actis on pain affecting joints and muscles. Detox action thanks to its dueritic and sudorific qualities.
Organic marshmallow herbal tea 50 GR
Very good expectorant, calms infections, sore throats and coughs. Thanks to its diuretic action, treats urinary and intestinal ailments. Mild laxative effect for occasional constipation.
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Organic liquorice herbal tea 80 GR
Very flavorsome, excellent anti-inflammatory, expectorant and soothing properties. Also, helps fight effectively against digestive troubles, inflammation affecting the respiratory system, as well as skin complaints. Contra-indicated for hypertension sufferers.  
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Organic lemon balm herbal tea 30 GR
Recognised for its relaxing, digestive, antispasmodic and antiviral properties. Very soothing, acts against stress and anxiety.  
Organic lavender herbal tea 30 GR
Helps treat states of agitation, insomnia, stress-related digestive problems, bloatedness and, combined with balneotherapy, circulation problems. Also, relieves spasmodic and neuralgic pains.
Organic hypericum herbal tea 30 GR
Comforts feelings of melancholia, anxiety, nervous agitation and digestive problems (dyspepsia). Treats contusions, muscular pains and minor burns.  
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