What happens if I need to cancel?

We take our clients as seriously as Kylie Jenner takes her lipstick, so for me to run a tight ship and keep things running smoothly and fair to everyone we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you advise that you don't want your appointment or want to change it in less than 48 hours it will unfortunately incur 50% charge and will be added to your account to pay at your next visit. If we do not hear from you and don't arrive, the full amount will be added to your account.

We don't want you to miss your appointment as each of our clients our super important to us. So we do send out an appointment reminder 48 hours before your appointment to confirm. If we do not hear back from you by the end of the day a second text will be sent as we really want to make sure we get you in but unfortunately if we don't hear back from you by the end of that day your appointment will be cancelled and given to someone on our wait list.

It is the absolute worst being stuck in traffic, we totally get how stressful it is. If you are stuck in traffic or running late please let us know, so we can figure out the best options. In some cases being late for your appointment may mean we have to shorten your appointment time, meaning you cant get everything you booked in for, but please understand our appointments are very strictly timed to make the day go smooth as all appointments are back to back. We suggest to always allow extra time if travelling from far and feel free to come in and relax with a cuppa.


For Payment we accept cash, eftpos and afterpay.
Cheques and American Express are not accepted.
Our Pricelists are on our website.
quotes will be given before services are started.



As much as we love kids we unfortunately do not offer any creche services so babies and children are asked to be left at home. 
We as a salon try to provide a quiet and relaxing environment for all of our clients and our hot tools, machines and products can be a safety hazard for children.


For Parking we are happy for you to park in the driveway or on the curb in front of the salon.
At school Pick up time you may be asked to move your car if parked in the driveway or we can move it for you.

How should I book my appointments?
Our number one contact we suggest, is to call on 0407 649 525. While we don't mind facebook and Instagram messaging it is hard to get back to you straight away, sometimes it can take up to 72 hours for a reply. We have found too many mistakes have been made via social media and the extra time it takes to reply. If booking via social media  please note we can hold the appointment and if you do not reply within the hour the appointment will be given away to the next person waiting, always best to just give us a quick call or send us a social media message asking for an appointment and someone will be in touch. Please be aware this is a business, so it runs like all other work places. Our hours to call are 9-5 weekdays and 9-4 on Saturdays. NO SUNDAYS. Online booking coming soon

We recommend to rebook at the end of your appointment or at least a month prior to a certain date that you may want. We do get booked up very fast,  and this is to avoid disappointment. You can also call and get out onto a cancelation list as sometimes plans do change for other clients.