BLUEBERRY SEED + PRICKLY PEAR facial oil is a wonderfully light and balancing facial oil perfect for oily blemish prone skin types. The delicate infusion of the skin loving antioxidant CoQ10 with pure virgin organic oils provides a nourishing yet light facial oil. This facial oil has been blended with oily skin types in mind ensuring there is a perfect balance of omega 3 & 6 essential fatty acids to omega 9 fatty acids. 

Blueberry Seed + Prickly Pear Facial Oil 30ml

  • grapeseed oil*, hemp seed oil*, argan oil*, blueberry seed oil*, rosehip oil*, prickly pear oil*, medowfoam oil*, natural vitamin e, CoQ10 antioxidant, 100% pure essential oils of bergamot, frankincense, lemon myrtle & rosemary.