World Organics

World Organics is a family business devoted to natural beauty and wellbeing. We believe – first and foremost – that beauty is an expression of who we are: how we act; how we care for others; how we look after ourselves. Our products are designed to look after you. Made with pure, potent, supercritical extracts and using only the finest natural ingredients, they are not only good for you, they can help you reveal your true beauty.


Pure and Potent

The magic of supercritical extraction is that it captures the maximum nutritional and beauty benefits of the whole plant – literally thousands of important compounds – and not just isolated chemical constituents. Not only that, but supercritical extracts per weight of herbs are between 100-250 times more concentrated, as well as being ultimately more pure and ‘whole’, than traditional herbal extracts used in most skincare today.

Farmacy Not Pharmacy

Our products are derived from the Earth, not a laboratory. And they are organic. That means that you don’t need to worry about harmful synthetic chemicals or pesticides of any kind. Instead, you get to experience the pure, potent goodness of wholly natural ingredients. Our products not only smell divine and interact sympathetically with your skin, they carry therapeutic benefits as well.


Full Transparency

When it comes to regulating the personal care industry, our lawmakers have been slow to move. As a result, too many manufacturers can get away with claims that their products are natural and organic, even though they are full of synthetic chemicals and the natural ingredients they use are only a minuscule percentage of the total ingredients.

One Product, One Tree

For every The Organic Skin Co. product you purchase, we promise to plant one tree. Let’s help the environment, together.

Every year, an estimated 15 billion trees are cut down.* It’s a number so staggering, it’s almost difficult to believe, and yet it’s happening.

National Geographic refers to deforestation as a ‘modern day plague’,** whilst climate scientists cite it as a major reason for global warming. Indisputably, it’s doing our environment and our planet great harm.

Loyalty Has Its Own Rewards

As a member of the Jasmine Club, you will receive a generous 20% discount off our world class organic products each and every time you place an order.

And the good news? Becoming a member of the Jasmine Club is easy! Simply place an order worth $150 or more (or cumulative orders worth $150 or more over time) and you automatically qualify! For the next twelve months, any further purchases you make will be offered with a 20% discount on the advertised cost. Should you make further purchases to the value of $150 over the course of the year, then your membership will automatically roll over into the following year.

Work with me

A Business you can be proud of! Nurture. Transform. Flourish.

Nurture your world by selling products which are good for those who use them and the planet on which we live. Transform your life and the lives of those around you with our world-class organic products. Flourish by earning an income and living a life suited to your needs.

A World Organics Consultancy offers you the chance to build a business which can provide a great income, personal freedom, and a sense of pride in what you do.










This information has all been sourced & copied from the world organics website