Here at Ardor Organics, we are leaders in low-toxin haircare. We take a holistic approach, meaning safer options are practised for our wellbeing and the planet.


Within our salon there is no offensive odour, no burning chemicals, and no pressure – make the changes at your own speed. Just sit back and relax knowing you’re getting a great colour, haircut, and style with non-toxic products. We also fully customize your service to you. After all we are all different and have unique hair and scalp needs, your after care is fully tailored to you and all with a toxic free approach, using oils and herbs that suit you and your hair.


Hours of research goes into our stocked products and our salon has an amazing range of eco-brands, also available at our refill station – bring a jar and fill up! Kinder on our wallets and the planet. We also stock reusable items such as stainless steel lunch boxes, reusable straws, and much more, to encourage us all towards a waste-less lifestyle.


This industry contains a lot of hype-words and green-washing (misleading words so a brand appears more environmentally friendly than they actually are). Make sure to read the labels or shop from our trustworthy stock! Read more about it on our blog.


If your business is looking to reduce its use of toxins or waste, we would love to hear from you. 


"Now is the perfect time to reduce the toxins within your life, minimise your waste, and live in harmony with nature"

-       Gemma, Holistic hair therapist and  founder of Ardor Organics  

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Remmy from new moon co created a informative ebook explaining about the toxins we are exposed to on a daily basis. We where asked to talk about all things lowtocx hair. You can download via link



Gemma started Ardor Organics back in 2016 when deciding she wanted to return to the industry but did not want to work around the toxins that are in most salons these days. Gemma has been a hairdresser for over 17 years and has gone on to study a short course in nutrition and has also qualified as a Personal Trainor, and hopes to continue with education in the future. Gemma wanted to make an environment that was tranquil, less chemical's and healthy, she began learning to take a more holistic approach to hairdressing and helping each off her clients individually. very passionate about health and wellness and wanting to make a difference in the industry, Gemma has guided many salon owners and clients to make the switch to a low-tox life 
Gemma is a wife and  mother of three young boys and loves to eat whole foods that nourish the body, but in saying this likes to keep it real by not being super strict and let her ''hair down" every so often. Loves music, and all things sparkly and shiny. A big moon lover and believes in trusting that the universe will put us on the right path



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''There is no such thing as a chemical free salon. Its all about finding safer options and to find a colour with a much less % of chemicals in it"