"Indulge in the Ardor Organics Experience – where holistic hairdressing takes center stage. As you step into our sanctuary, be greeted by enchanting aromas of essential oils, marking the beginning of a truly immersive journey."

Welcome to the epitome of luxury at our sanctuary of holistic hairdressing. Immerse yourself in a world where opulence meets well-being, where every aspect of your experience is meticulously crafted to cater to your utmost indulgence.

Our holistic hairdressing transcends mere hairstyling, embracing the art of harmonizing your body, mind, and spirit. With a discerning focus on your overall well-being and health, we delve into the intricacies beyond the surface, unveiling a realm of true beauty and vitality.

Savor a personalized and integrated approach to hair care that surpasses expectations. Our experts artfully consider every facet of your life, from your lifestyle and diet to your stress levels and overall health, seamlessly merging it into an enchanting tapestry of self-care.

Envelop yourself in the exquisite embrace of natural and organic products, curated to pamper your senses and enhance your radiance. Luxuriate in the rejuvenating treatments for your scalp and hair, meticulously formulated to nourish, restore, and promote vitality, all while igniting a profound connection between your emotions and self-expression.

Experience a transformative journey where mindfulness and opulence intertwine, guiding you towards optimal balance and well-being from the very core of your being. Unleash your inner radiance and embark on a voyage of beauty that transcends ordinary notions, culminating in a truly exceptional and unforgettable encounter with the pinnacle of holistic hairdressing.

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Since the very beginning, we've been living out our beliefs and making them reality. We recognize that everyone makes mistakes but strive to be an example of animal welfare responsibility and environmental stewardship - all while showing compassion for those in our community.

Nurturing beauty, Nurturing community

At Ardor Organics, our heartbeat is the vibrant pulse of a community dedicated to sustainability and compassion. With a fierce passion for unity and environmental consciousness, we’ve woven a tapestry of initiatives that reflect our core values—where giving back is not just an act, but our way of life. 🌱💖

Every aspect of Ardor is tinted with the hues of compassion, from Thirsty Tuesdays' green promise to a charitable spirit on Wednesdays' we wear pink to support & donate to Worthy Australia. We revel in Earth-Loving Thursdays, cherish self-love on Fridays, and foster bonds on Social Saturdays.

Join us as we stand at the forefront of change, implementing actionable steps towards a sustainable future—one service, one sale, one connection at a time. Because we aren't just a salon; we're a movement for a cleaner, kinder world. 🌏✨

We take pride in being more than your go-to for hair & wellness services—we're your ally in making a difference. Whether it's reducing waste, supporting animal welfare, or crusading for inclusivity, every visit to Ardor is a step toward a thriving planet and a compassionate society.

Discover our Community and Giving Back initiatives and learn how every appointment books a chance to make an impact. Be a part of a story where every action counts, every voice is heard, and every heart is welcome. Because at Ardor, beauty isn't an industry—it's a revolution. ✨🌿

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On Wednesday's we wear Pink for Worth Australia

Did you know that domestic violence (DV) is the number one cause of homelessness for women and children in Western Australia? And on average, one woman is killed every nine days by a current or former partner?

We Invite you to donate and help us to break the cycle of homelessness for the women and children of Perth, who have been disadvantaged by domestic violence!

We proudly serve as a central drop-off location for your generous donations benefiting Worthy Australia. What's more, each service booked on Wednesday donates $1 to this extraordinary cause. Join us in solidarity by wearing pink on Wednesdays, raising awareness and advocating to end violence against women. Share a pic on socials tag us and use the hashtag #EndViolenceInPink

Donated so far - $150

We are always looking for new ways to do better.

There is no planet B!