Here at Ardor Organics, we use premium products and always strive to be the best.

Ardor Organics is a Sustainable Salons member, so a $3 fee will be added to your service.
All clients are required to have a skin patch test 48 hours before their service, especially if there have been reactions in the past. If you are unsure on what to book for on our online booking please contact one of our friendly team to help you out. Head to or contact tab to find out our details

Gender Neutral Pricing:

Hair has no gender. Regardless of whether you are male or female, all haircuts and colour treatments take the same amount of time. At our salon, we believe in equality and do not offer discounted rates based on gender. Whether you have short or long hair, you can expect the same level of service and the same fair pricing.

Tips on booking:

- If overwhelmed when booking online, book for the closest option and leave notes for adjustments

- Diffuse dry or hydration can be added to packages for curly hair

- Contact the salon via text if needed assistance finding desired services

- Haircut bookings include a blow dry for optimal results

- If opting out of blow dry, note that any necessary fixes will result in additional charges

Important Note Regarding Hair Cut Bookings At our salon, we want to ensure that you get the most out of your hair cut investment. Therefore, we kindly request that all our bookings include a blow dry. We believe it is essential for your haircut to be fully dried, checked, and any necessary adjustments made to ensure its longevity. When hair is dry, it tends to shrink, which allows us to determine if any additional trimming is required. However, if you feel that you do not require a blow dry, please reach out to us. It is important to note that opting out of a blow dry means that any necessary adjustments or fixes after your appointment will incur additional charges. We appreciate your understanding as we strive to provide the best service and care for your hair. Book your appointment with us today for a professional experience that will leave you looking and feeling fabulous.

NEW CLIENTS | When booking if unsure please come in for a consultation and book by choose the “becoming a new client” option so that we can ensure we find a service to suit you best. We take low tox very seriously and understand sensitivities can happen even with natural products, please book for a skin patch test

ATTN: ALL CLIENTS | We require 48 hours notice to cancel your appointment.
Please ensure to read our Salon Policies carefully before booking in for an appointment.


    Ladies Cut & Blast Dry from $75
    Ladies Cut & Blow-Dry from $91


    Ladies Cut & Blast Dry from $81
    Ladies Cut & Blow-Dry from $113


    Ladies Restyle Cut and Blow from $155



    All prices include a personalised essential oil infused treatment after your colour.

    - Root colour, Hairline and Parting only from $57
    - Root colour from $101.99
    - Root colour and ends (short) from $122.99
    - Root colour and ends (medium) from $152.99
    - Root colour and ends (long) from $162.99

    Wanting to add some foils to your colour? We offer discounts on foils when getting an all over colour. Toners are charged separately.

    - add on scattered partial foils from $59.99
    - add on scattered ¼ head from $76.99
    - add on scattered ½ head from $95.99
    - add on scattered over
    full head from $117.99


    Starting from $700


    We harness the power of plants! Perth's only salon specialising in 100% plant-based, toxin free colours.

    We suggest this colour service for those that are wanting to be 100% toxin free, who are pregnant, undergoing fertility treatments, undergoing chemo (or have undergone chemo in the last year), or those that are allergic to colours.

    This colour can cover grey, take you darker or change your tone. It cannot be easily removed from the hair so if you change your hair a lot, we suggest you choose our other colouring system. It will not give you block coverage of greys like traditional colour, but more of a translucent coverage. This colour cannot take you lighter than you are.

    - Regrowth Application from $155
    - Full Colour, Short from $198
    - Full Colour, Medium from $208
    - Full Colour, Long from $228



    Our online packages when booking online include toner and the choice of either cuts or blow dries. The cost of foils depends on hair length and the amount of product required. For balayage, the number of foils needed will determine the price. For extra intricate hair work, a time block charge will be added to the service to account for the additional time involved. We take pride in creating custom foils for each client. When choosing the right option for you, consider the coverage area and the time since your last appointment. Generally, the longer it has been, the more foils you will need. If you're interested in balayage, select a custom foil package and add on time for your hair length, along with teasy balayage and a root stretch. This will allow us ample time to achieve your desired look. In the booking notes, please provide a rough idea of what you are looking for so we can adjust the time accordingly if necessary.


    - Custom Face Frame/Partial Foils from $145.99
    - Custom ¼ Head of Foils from $186
    - Custom ½ Head of Foils from $209
    - Custom ¾ Head of Foils from $243.99
    - Custom Full Head of Foils from $269.99
    - Custom Full Head of Foils Back-to-Back from $305

    Natulique Hair Bond Colour protection

    Looking for a hair remedy that repairs broken hair bonds and promotes strength and manageability? Our professional solution is exclusively plant-based and vegan, providing impressive results. With a refreshing and scent-free formula, this bond protector not only repairs, but also protects your hair during the coloring process. Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance the health and appearance of your locks. Add this product to your color or foils for incredible hair rewards. We highly recommend pairing it with any lightening service. Get a 50% discount on the bond protector when you get a colour treatment, as we believe everyone colouring their hair should prioritize hair integrity and protection.

    - Smart blonding maintenance appointment package from $357 - 8 weeks from your last blonde appointment with us. This appointment is slightly discounted, and we apply our signature foil placement to maintain your colour. This includes 17 foils; root melt and gloss toners and a beach wave blow dry.

    - K18 Biomimetic hair mask from $25. This treatment helps strengthen hairs core structure while colouring. We suggest adding onto any colour work. Ask one of our friendly team to find out more, as you can even have it add k18 onto your cut service.


    All of our toners include our miracle renew pre-treatment colour and pure flourish leave in treatment, before toning and your signature personalised toner. Finished with a pure conditioner to suit your hair type.

    Our miracle renews mask organic actives help revive hair that is fragile and weak from chemical services, the hair feels soft and smooth without being weighed down. 'Cell renewal complex' penetrates the hair cortex, fortifying the hair structure internally while providing an external protective barrier film before colouring.

    Our pure flourish is excellent porosity equaliser for damaged and porous ends prior to colour services. this will ensure even colour uptake and longevity due to nutrient rich amino acids.

    Toners are used for after blonde services only

    - Short from $39
    - Medium from $51
    - Long from $62
    - Root smudge/root stretch from $45

    6-8 week follow up toning appointment

    All our toners include our miracle renew pre-treatment colour and pure flourish leave in treatment before toning. This toning service is a follow up appointment 6- weeks from the date of your blondes/balayage initial appointment with us. It will help keep your colour fresh in-between appointments with us, extending out
    your foiling appointments.

    - Follow up toning short from $70
    - Follow up toning medium from $90
    - Follow up toning long from $110
    - Creative Follow up toning from $120


We have a wide range of hair spa services available. For more information, please check out our dedicated Hair Spa information page.


We have a wide range of curly hair services available. For more information, please check out our dedicated Curly Hair information page.



  • Deluxe Blow-Dry short from $45
  • Deluxe Blow-Dry medium from $68
  • Deluxe Blow-Dry long from $90
  • Deluxe Blow-Dry long (with extensions) from $100
    Please note: Add on waves/curls may occur a extra charge

We use top quality hair extensions (100% Remy hair) to ensure your extensions will last longer and look better than using any other hair extensions on the market. Please check out our dedicated Hair Extensions page for more information.



Please note this price list is an indication only. Quotes will be provided before we begin your service. If you have a budget, we invite you to let us know so we can tailor your service to fit within your budget.

Our prices reflect our stylists’ wages, salon rent, our high-end organic products, insurances, computer systems, refreshments, our ongoing education, and everything that goes into running a small business. We work on a tiered pricing structure depending on the stylist. We have a Junior Stylist, Senior Stylist, and Creative Stylist. For more information on each stylist please check out our About page. We appreciate your understanding on our prices.