• At The Holistic Hair Academy, we want to empower hairdressers and customers around the world with knowledge that can revolutionize the hair industry. We specialize in helping experienced hairstylists learn about cutting curly hair effectively, opening holistic salons, avoiding burnout and minimizing chemical use. Our courses also enable customers to gain insight into styling their own curls or reducing toxins in their homes. Through our platform, we aim to bring together experts from all corners of the industry - giving individuals an opportunity to experience a more natural approach when it comes to haircare. Our mission is to offer accessible education that advances sustainable practices while enabling everyone involved in the beauty industry grow holistically. Ultimately, our vision is for everyone—hairstylists and clients alike—to benefit from healthy habits both inside and outside of their salon environment!

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The hairdressing industry contains a lot of hype-words and green-washing (misleading words that make a brand appear more environmentally friendly than they actually are). We promise that's not us. See below just some of the ways we're making a difference:

We are members of the Sustainable Salons group.

The brands we use and stock do not test on animals.

We recycle all of the waste generated by our salon.

We compost all food waste ourselves.