Appointment FAQs

How can I book an appointment?

The best bet is to book online using our Book Now tab at the top of our website. If you’d like to discuss what you should book for, send us a text on 0407 649 525. While we don't mind Facebook and Instagram messaging, we don’t check our socials every day.

We have found too many mistakes have been made via social media and the extra time it takes to reply, so we recommend texting or emailing us instead.

Please be aware this is a business, so it runs like all other workplaces, and so we can take calls between 9 and 5 on weekdays when we are open for business. We prioritise you while you are in salon with us and so we can’t always make it to the phone. Please leave us a message or better yet, send us a text or an email and we will get back to you in working hours as soon as we can.

Our time with our families is precious. We are closed Sundays and Mondays and don't respond to messages during this time.

We recommend rebooking at the end of your appointment or at least a month prior to a certain date that you may want.

We do get booked up very fast, and this is to avoid disappointment. You can also call and get put onto a cancelation list as sometimes plans do change for other clients.

What is skin testing, why do I need to do it and how do I do it?

All colour manufacturer’s instructions state that a colour patch test is to be performed 48 hours before your colour, even if you have used the colour before. Sensitivities and allergies can happen randomly even if you have used the same colour for the last 10 years.

You can either pop into the salon 48 hours before your colour appointment, or you can take a little bit of colour in a jar to take home perform the test yourself 48 hours before your appointment.

If you are local, please arrange a pickup in store, or if you do live a bit of a distance away, we can post this to you. This test needs to be performed 48 hours before your colour appointment with us.

How to perform a skin test: Dab a small amount of colour onto the inside of your arm, close to the crease of your elbow. Apply a band aid over the spot (if allergic to band aids please use something else to cover the colour). Leave on for 2 hours. Wash with warm soapy water. If it stings or is irritating at any point, wash off immediately. How to know if you have had a reaction: Generally an allergic reaction will blister within a few hours. However, let us know if there was any burning or itching at any point so we can let you know if there is a problem.

What happens if I need to cancel my appointment?

We take our clients as seriously as Kylie Jenner takes her lipstick, so for us to run a tight ship and keep things running smoothly and fair to everyone we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you advise that you don't want your appointment or want to change it in less than 48 hours it will unfortunately incur 50% charge. If we do not hear from you and don't arrive, the full amount will be charged.

We don't want you to miss your appointment as each of our clients are super important to us. So we do send out an appointment reminder 48 hours before your appointment to confirm. If we do not hear back from you by the end of the day a second text will be sent as we really want to make sure we get you in but unfortunately if we don't hear back from you by the end of that day your appointment will be cancelled and given to someone on our wait list.

It is the absolute worst being stuck in traffic, we totally get how stressful it is. If you are stuck in traffic or running late please let us know, so we can figure out the best options. In some cases being late for your appointment may mean we have to shorten your appointment time, meaning you cannot get everything you booked in for, but please understand our appointments are strictly timed to make the day go smooth as all appointments are back to back. We suggest to always allow extra time for travelling.

Can I bring my kids, friends or partner along to my appointment?

We have many hot tools, machines, expensive equipment and dangerous products that can be a safety hazard for children, and in a highly distractible environment like a hair salon, accidents can happen. As much as we love kids we unfortunately do not offer any creche services so babies and children are asked to be left at home.

Due to covid, we also prefer that you don't bring people in with you as this increases risk of a close contact. We also have limited seating available for clients only. We try to provide a quiet and relaxing environment for all of our clients, including you.

We do have friends that book appointments at the same time so they can both be pampered together.
However, we have limited seating and do not have room if you bring a friend in to just sit with you for your appointment.

Is it safe for me to have my hair coloured while pregnant?

Research into colouring hair whilst pregnant is very limited, but most of it shows us that it is safe to colour during pregnancy. Some studies have found that very high doses of the chemicals found in hair colours may cause harm. However, the doses studied are massive compared to the very low volume a women colouring her hair is exposed to. The simple answer is yes, but we do recommend extra care as follows:

- We suggest to avoid colouring during the first trimester of pregnancy, when the risk of chemical substances harming the baby increases.
- Avoid colouring of the scalp wherever possible to ensure any chemicals used are only absorbed into the hair, not the scalp or bloodstream.
- Choose an oxidative pigment-free colour
- Always skin test 48 hours before colouring, regardless of the product you are using.
- Hormonal changes can cause a change to the condition of the pregnant woman's hair. Extra care needs to be taken in your consult. You may find your colour can go warmer or the colour may not take like it normally would. We always recommend consulting with your health care practitioner before colouring your hair if you have concerns.

Can I go blonde using your colours?

100 % YES! We achieve amazing results using our system when going lighter. We ask that if you are booked in for a lightening service like foils that you arrive with hair that has been washed with the last 24 hours to ensure there is nothing extra for the lightener to work through on the hair. We do not use plex system as we feel this just masks the problem. We believe in keeping the hair in the best integrity. We will recommend the best products to care for your blonde at home. Less is more to care for the hair within.

What if I don't love my hair?

We believe in the power of excellent consultations before we begin each service to minimise the likelihood of this happening. We take notes and fill out a consultation form for you to look at and sign to ensure that we have achieved a clear agreement around what the service will entail, what the risks are, if there are any, and what the limitations are too. We want you to be in complete agreement before we begin. We also quote upfront to avoid bill shock at the end.

After having your hair done, it is important to not wash your hair or get it wet for at least 48 hours to allow the colour to settle properly. The colour may change if you do and we will not be liable for that.

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your hair, please feel welcome to let us know within three days. We will get you back in salon promptly to discuss options and provide a solution. After three days, any further services will be charged at full price.

We encourage you to bring in at least five pictures for inspiration as this helps us see what you like and what you are going for visually, as sometimes words can be misinterpreted. A picture speaks a thousand words!

If you require major colour correction, this may need to happen over a few appointments. If this is the case, it will be covered in your consultation before we begin. As such, you may not be completely happy with your inbetween stages as it may not represent your ultimate ideal, but everything we do is with the hairs best interests (and yours) at heart, and we may not be able to push the hair further than that, depending on the condition of the hair in the beginning.

Unfortunately, a change of mind is not the same thing and will incur charges. A blow-dry is not included in any redo and will be charged for. Ultimately, we reserve the right to refuse a redo in some cases and no refunds will be given.

Is there any aftercare after my appointment that I need to know about?

In a word, yes. We cannot guarantee your colour if our recommendations are not followed at home.

All colour treated hair needs aftercare. We will prescribe the appropriate shampoo, conditioner and weekly treatment for you at your appointment. We will advise you if you need any other products for your life and hair style, like a heat protector for the hair straightening addict or curl cream for the curly girl.
This is key to giving your colour and style longevity and keeping it looking fresh. It is the difference between hair that fades quickly and style that lasts till your next appointment. You wouldn’t wash a Bentley with dishwashing soap, would you?

Over time, using incompatible products on your hair will result in damage, breakage, colour fade and in some cases, hair loss. Our products are rigorously researched and we back them to provide you with the best possible hair, in and out of the salon.

Salon FAQs

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, eftpos and AfterPay. Cheques and American Express are not accepted. We do have a 1.4% service charge when using eftpos.

Where can I park when I arrive?

There is ample parking around the back of the salon. The parking area can be accessed off Main Street via Ellen Stirling Parade or The Parkway.

What products do you use in salon?

Our colour ranges are Natulique, OCS, Vegetalement Cataplasme and Pulp Riot.

We use and stock shampoos, treatments, conditioners and styling products by Vegetalement, Everescents, Inner Sense, OCS, Tabitha James Kraan, Clever Curl, and Monat, amongst others.

Ask us about what we reccommend for your hair. We have a huge range in our shop. Check out our online store!

What no tox colour do you use in salon and is it right for me?

Vegetalement Cataplasme is our plant based colour that is 100% toxic chemical free. Each colour is made from the highest quality plants and offers a beautiful shield to your hair while treating your scalp. These amazing plant powders have been used for centuries in India and around the world for its many properties such as bringing pigments to the hair, repairing the hair, and treating scalp issues such as dermatitis and hair loss.

This colour is suggested for those who
- simply cannot use oxidative colour any more
- are undergoing medical treatments
- are trying to get pregnant or undergoing fertility treatments
- are currently pregnant
- simply want to 100% eliminate chemicals in their life for whatever reason

We are able to change the tone of your natural hair colour, cover grey or go darker. This is not an option for those that like to change their colour regularly or for those that want to go lighter.

Are all your ranges you carry toxin free?

Unfortunately, there is no such professional oxidative colour or home box colour on the market that can be toxin free, as all oxidative colours need chemicals to achieve results when it comes to blonding and covering greys. As such, we are low tox, not no tox.

We do have chemical free, no tox, plant based colour, Cataplasme, for those who want to change the tone of their hair without going lighter, or who aren't looking for block coverage of greys, and more of a natural translucent coverage. We also have Kitoko which sits somewhere between the plant based option and oxidative colour. We also have No Limits Semi Permanent fashion colours that are chemical free and great for temporary, wash out colour over already lightened hair or naturally light hair. This colour lasts anywhere from three to thirty washes.

We have options for everyone, wherever they may be on their low tox journey and we are more than happy to guide you through the various options we have. It’s a very personal decision and we believe in giving the information to you to make the best decision for yourself. We stand behind every product we stock and Gemma does not stock anything she wouldn't and doesn’t use herself.

We believe we have the best of both worlds in our range, performance and lowest tox.

What sustainability or low tox solutions do you use in the salon?

We offer refill options for some of our Everescents and CleverCurl shampoos and conditioners. You can receive a 10% off when bringing back your bottle to refill.

We are part of the Sustainable Salons Group, and through their nationwide program, we recycle 95% of our salon waste. All our foil, paper, plastic bottles from products, colour tubes, plastic packaging and even hair clippings and ponytails are put to use. You can also bring in your empty product bottles for us to recycle when you are done with them. We also compost our food waste ourselves. All our service include a $3 sustainable salon fee, which is your small little part in helping us to minimise our impact on the earth.

We use Natulique and Organic Colour Systems as our colour of choice and lowest tox with professional performance options. Gemma has spent endless hours researching, trialling and testing products to find the balance between products that perform and products that are as low tox as possible.

We also have Vegetalement Cataplasme Plant Based Colour that is completely chemical free and henna based, and Kitoko, which a happy medium between plant based colour and traditional oxidative colour.

There are pros and cons to all products and we pride ourselves on having options for everyone, wherever you may be on your low tox or no tox journey.

Can I purchase a gift voucher?

Yes, you can find these on our website or in salon.

Product FAQs

What is your returns policy on products?

Unfortunately we cannot give refunds on certain products due to health and safety.

In some cases, if the seal has not been broken we may be able to offer a refund.

If you are unhappy with a product we recommend you get in contact with the company directly so they can advise of the appropriate steps. We can offer refunds for change of mind on some ranges like jewellery or homewares within 7 days, if undamaged and packaging is unopened. Please contact us for more specific information to you.

How much is shipping?

We have a $9.95 shipping rate. Heavier items may incur an extra cost.

How long will it take to get my order?

We typically send out the orders as soon as we get them, but due to Covid, there are sometimes delays that are out of our control.

Can I pickup my order at my next appointment?

Yes. In fact, we highly recommend this. This will save you on postage plus it is much better for our environment.

What do I do if something is broken or faulty?

Please contact us and we will be able to solve this problem for you.

Price Adjustments?

From time to time, our products are marked down. If you have purchased an item that is now on sale permanently within the last 14 days, we will gladly organise a one-time price adjustment. Please contact us via email for this.

Please note: we are unable to offer price adjustments for temporary promotions or discounts. Promotions and discounts cannot be applied retroactively to orders placed before the promotion started.



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