Give a gift without the toxins

Give a gift without the toxins

Christmas is right around the corner and whilst it’s not all about the presents, it surely plays a large part. Trying to find the right gift can be tricky, not to mention searching for a gift that supports a low-tox lifestyle. So whether you’re trying to do better by yourself or encourage a loved one to explore this space, here’s a few of our favourite lowtox gift ideas to get the ball rolling.


A great hair product can bring life back to locks after years of dying and styling, yet we aren’t always willing to pay the price tag - which is why organic haircare can be such a great gift. When browsing for a hydrating hair gift, make sure to avoid silicones as they suffocate our strands dry with their plastic like coating. Check out EverEscents Lavender Shampoo and Conditioner, especially great for curly hair, and this deeply nourishing Moroccan Argan Oil from Natures Symphony – rich in vit e restoring smooth hair and natural shine.



While men are less likely to buy hair care or face care, it doesn’t mean they don’t enjoy a little pampering too. Often they’ll just dip into our products anyway, so perhaps it’s time to get them their own! This Weleda shaving kit contains all his necessitates, helping to prevent ingrown hairs and keep the face hydrated – especially important during these summer days. For a gift with a little more aesthetic, check out these shaving soaps in metallic tins.


The early teens see many changes happening within our skin due to an influx of hormones. This is the perfect time to introduce skincare for some much needed cleansing and TLC. The majority of these products however, are a toxic soup of synthetics, plastics, and preservatives, and are harmful to our health. Give a yummy organic skincare gift such as Bare and Organics skin’s lemon and sandlewood facial cleanser. A beautiful blend of kaolin clay, organic oatmeal and organic raw honey to gently cleanse away grime without stripping your skin of its precious oils, whilst lemon helps balances out acne prone skin. Why not start their make-up collection the right way, with so many fantastic goodies from Inika organics. A fantastic toxic free vegan make-up range. My absolute favourite at the moment is the gold cream illuminisor. perfect for creating a dewy complexion while healing the skin from within, come try out the testers in our store.




It is hard to avoid the purchase of plastic toys during Christmas, yet it’s still important for our kids to be a part of the latest craze so they don’t feel left out ay school which can also help create bonds at school. Here at Ardor our families love wooden toys, crafts, books, dress ups, or toys that offer years of fun. LEGO is a personal favourite, plus it’s easily passed down to be loved by generations of kids to come. Also, with babies, especially try to avoid soft, bendy, chewable plastics and mats, as these materials contain phthalates which toxic to tiny bodies.

Crayons are a great go-to, after all what kids doesn’t love to draw? ‘Play to learn’ have organic crayons that are completely toxic free and are made from natural waxes. Even the box is recycled paper! Also check out Little Earth Nest for a range of toxic-free and environmentally friendly children’s goodies.


A yummy treat is Nutra organics lattes pre mixes. Full of beautiful ingredients that nourish our bodies, you can’t go wrong with one of these pretty packets. Choose from velvet latte, mermaid latte, Luna latte or golden milk latte. Also a great little one for the stocking!





Here at Ardor we also care deeply about a life of less wastage. If you’re looking for stocking fillers or secret santa ideas, here’s a few classic go-tos everyone can get behind: 

Happy low-tox shopping!


By Gemma Innes in collaboration with Sian Henderson