A.PO.TE.CA'RI / Crowning glory
A lot of people don’t realise that dullness, frizz, breakage, dry, split ends, and general disorder are all signs of dehydrated hair, UV damage and an undernourished scalp – which is problematic for growth and contributes to hair ageing.  ...
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A.PO.TE.CA'RI / Hair food
If we consider that our hair shaft is made up of 80-90% protein, it makes sense that protein is involved to feed and strengthen our hair.   The smoothie on everyone’s lips.Incorporate a daily Hair Food smoothie into your wellness...
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A.PO.TE.CA'RI / Main Event
Falling short? A stunt in hair growth or hair loss can be reflective of a lack of hair-loving nutrients in our system. The right hair nutrition and antioxidants can help protect against damage caused by chemical treatments, colouring, heat styling,...
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In a world that’s noisy and fast-paced, there’s this unanimous appreciation emerging for simple living – we crave it – we see it in farm to table, organic produce, the need to know what goes into the food and products we consume...
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Say goodbye to dry, dull and damaged hair, sluggish growth, poor condition, hair loss and scalp imbalances with this 3-part system that changes the game.   When we feed our body the right balance of hair and skin loving nutrients,...
A.PO.TE.CA'RI / UV glass water bottle
Hydration and hair health go hand in hand, and what better way to amp up your water intake than with this beautiful water bottle. This is no ordinary water bottle- with its slim, minimalist design, this water bottle is made...
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