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A.PO.TE.CA'RI / Crowning glory
A lot of people don’t realise that dullness, frizz, breakage, dry, split ends, and general disorder are all signs of dehydrated hair, UV damage and an undernourished scalp – which is problematic for growth and contributes to hair ageing.  ...
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A.PO.TE.CA'RI / Hair food
If we consider that our hair shaft is made up of 80-90% protein, it makes sense that protein is involved to feed and strengthen our hair.   The smoothie on everyone’s lips.Incorporate a daily Hair Food smoothie into your wellness...
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Imbibe Beauty Renewal
Microbiologist and scientist created to promote gut-health and glowing skin. Unleashing a wave of skin hydrating and gut nourishing properties, our Beauty Renewal Probiotic Concentrate is expert-formulated for gut health and radiant-looking skin. It promotes skin hydration and provides bio-fermented...
Imbibe Miracle Collagen
Clinically shown in randomised placebo controlled studies to improve hair structure and make it more resistant to breakage by significantly increasing hair thickness and proliferation of human hair follicles. Also clinically shown to stimulate skin cells to produce more collagen...
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JS Health AM + PM formula
AM + PM Formula - One Month  Vegan. Gluten-Free. GMO-Free JSHealth believes in truly nurturing the body and nourishing it with the right nutrients and herbs to reach its full potential. This multivitamin will have you feeling energised and refreshed all day, and sleeping soundly by night!...
JS Health gut health + immunity formula
Gut Health + Immunity Probiotic Shelf-Stable. Vegan. Gluten-Free. GMO-Free  JSHealth believes in truly nurturing the body and nourishing it with the right nutrients and herbs to reach its full potential. Give your gut some love with our Gut Health + Immunity shelf-stable probiotic. These probiotics for...
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JS Health mental well-being + skin + joints omega fish oil
Mental Wellbeing + Skin + Joints Formula - 60 Capsules Sustainably Sourced. Gluten-Free. GMO-Free. No fishy aftertaste! Vanilla-coated tablets. JSHealth believes in truly nurturing the body and nourishing it with the right nutrients and herbs to reach its full potential. Support general, mental and physical...
Nutra Organics Clean Protein Exotic Vanilla
Clean Protein Exotic Vanilla is a delicious fusion of organic, plant-based, low carb~ and gut-friendly whole foods specifically formulated to help you achieve your fitness goals. MORE INFO Clean Protein is your perfect training partner! Eating a clean, balanced diet...
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Nutra Organics Hemp Protein Beauty Berries
Beauty Berries Hemp Protein is your go-to complete protein blend with wholefoods for nourishing your body, skin, hair and nails, helping you glow from the inside out. MORE INFO This delicious certified organic vegan blend of organic hemp protein, sprouted...
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Organic colour systems Rep-Hair® Follicle Strengthening System
About the system Rep-Hair® Follicle Strengthening System is a natural and scientifically formulated daily scalp and hair care regime, designed to improve the strength and condition of the scalp and hair, providing an optimum follicular environment for hair growth. Rep-Hair® combines natural...
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Qsilica One A Day
Qsilica Skin, Hair & Nails ONE-A-DAY Multi-Nutrient Tablets contain colloidal mineral silica, biotin, zinc and selenium in a convenient, once daily supplement. Silicon supports bone integrity, assists connective tissue production and together with biotin and zinc, supports the health of...
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Qsilica Pro Collagen
Qsilica Ceramosides™ + Antioxidant PRO COLLAGEN One-A-Day Capsules contain a patented natural wheat seed extract known as Ceramosides™ as well as colloidal mineral silica, Acerola Berry and Vitamin C. Both mineral silica and vitamin C (ascorbic acid) maintain skin health...
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