Perth’s first low-tox head spa

Escape into tranquillity and nurture your spirit at our Holistic Head Spa - a sanctuary where the art of traditional Japanese head spa rituals meets the heart of holistic wellness.relax your mind

Our intimate oasis is designed for those who seek respite from the stresses of the everyday, a place where each moment is an opportunity to reconnect with your inner peace while revitalizing your scalp and hair.

Immerse yourself in the serenity of our bespoke head spa experience, where the melody of blissful music and the comforting warmth of a water hair bath on a lay-down bed cocoon you in comfort. Drift away under the soft weight of cozy blankets, as we set the stage for a symphony of relaxation that caters to both your well-being and hair vitality.

We are not just a spa; we are guardians of health and purity, an enclave where stress relief and hair revitalization bloom from the roots. Each visit unfolds as a tailored ritual, a one-on-one session that evolves with your needs, employing biodynamic, low-tox, and organic hair care ingredients to ensure your holistic health is our only focus. Harnessing the wisdom of nature, our head spa indulges you in a deep detoxification, liberating your hair and scalp from the impurities of modern life. Crystals and essential oils harmonize to generate an energy flow that promotes hair growth and rehabilitates your scalp.

This intimate dance of elements culminates in a magnificent crescendo of improved blood flow and circulation, nurtured by a transcendent relaxation massage. In our dedication to holistic hair health and environmental stewardship, we pledge to use only the purest elements in our treatments. For those battling hair loss, those thirsting for a luscious mane or simply yearning for a sanctuary to unwind, our doors are open. We invite you to join our quest for a balanced life and a flourishing landscape atop your head. Your solitude and peace await at our Holistic Head Spa, where the essence of Japanese tradition and the pulse of organic care weave a story of rejuvenation and conscious living. Awaken your senses, soothe your mind, and bestow upon your hair the gift of nature's touch.Immerse, inspire, and transform with a touch that is gentle on you and the Earth. Discover the path to a harmonious scalp and a serene mind today.

Head spa treatments

  • Divine Scalp Sanctuary: A Blissful Journey for the Entire Upper Body  

    Divine Scalp Sanctuary: A Blissful Journey for the Entire Upper Body


    Indulge in our exclusive scalp, face, shoulders and decolletage rejuvenation treatment, a journey to pure bliss where botanical extracts and essential oils nourish your scalp, hair and upper body leaving you feeling utterly refreshed and rejuvenated. Your experience begins with a meticulous scalp analysis, identifying your scalp's unique needs, followed by a personalized treatment crafted just for you. Indulge in a out of this world head massage and experience like no other.

    This luxurious service includes:

    • Trico-derm camera assessment
    • Ardor's signature welcome ritual, featuring crystal combs and essential oils to initiate relaxation
    • Treatment in our private room, nestled on our plush head spa bed
    • Tailored scalp treatment
    • Full scalp deep cleanse
    • Crystal mask application
    • Mini facial for added pampering
    • Gua Sha lymphatic drainage massage
    • Hair treatment with steam and extended massage for ultimate relaxation
    • Infusion of essential oils to elevate your senses
    • Utilization of specialized head massage tools
    • Invigorating waterfall rinse
    • Soothing hand massage
    • Balancing chakra spray for holistic wellness
    • Semi-dry finish (upgrade option available)

    Experience the ultimate in scalp detoxification, rejuvenation, and relief, curated to unveil your hair's natural beauty and vitality.

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  • Harmonic Lunar Scalp Symphony: A Celestial Journey of Serenity and Sound Healing  

    Harmonic Lunar Scalp Symphony: A Celestial Journey of Serenity and Sound Healing


    Introducing our Tranquil Lunar Scalp Renewal, a multisensory, holistic ritual of wellness designed to elevate your senses and restore harmony to your scalp and mind.

    Embark on a journey of tranquillity and peace as we pamper your scalp with a divine combination of exfoliating scrubs and calming essences, infusing balance and vitality into your hair and spirit. Our unique approach harnesses the power of herbs and clay peeling cleansing, synchronized with the lunar phases, amplifying its potency to maximize energetic benefits. This transformative treatment not only offers relaxation but also gently removes dead skin, akin to a facial exfoliation for your scalp.

    Indulge in our comprehensive service, including:

    • Ardor Kindred ritual: a fusion of crystal combs, deep breathing, essential oils, and pressure point massage to soothe and center your mind
    • Deep scalp cleanse to purify and revitalize
    • Palo Santo welcome ritual to cleanse and purify the aura
    • Scalp herbs and clay cleansing scrub tailored to the moon cycle and your scalp's needs
    • Vibrotherapy sound healing to restore balance and promote relaxation
    • Crystal mask or soothing eye pillow for further relaxation
    • Treatment, extended massage, and hot towel application for ultimate indulgence
    • Ardor signature hair bath to nourish and strengthen your locks
    • Relaxing hand massage to melt away tension
    • Optional semi-dry finish or upgrade to a professional blow-dry for a polished look

    Experience the rejuvenating power of nature and the cosmos with our Tranquil Lunar Scalp Renewal, where serenity meets transformation.

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  • COMING SOON - Naturally lifted facial ritual, water therapy and scalp and hair treatment.  

    COMING SOON - Naturally lifted facial ritual, water therapy and scalp and hair treatment.

    Experience the transformative power of our Naturally Lifted Facial Ritual, an ideal treatment for anyone over the age of 25. As our natural collagen production begins to slow, this facial serves as a perfect, non-invasive alternative to Botox, designed to sculpt, lift, and contour your face while promoting lymphatic drainage and vagus nerve toning. Utilizing techniques such as facial cupping, gua sha, and buccal massage (in-mouth), this ritual goes beyond traditional facials. Indulge in a sensory journey of sound, smell, and touch, enhanced by our unique waterfall bed for water therapy paired with a deep hair and scalp detoxification and a rejuvenating hair treatment. Not only will you see remarkable results, but you'll also experience profound relaxation.

    To extend the benefits of your treatment, consider adding on a dry-off service for an extra layer of pampering. Additionally, our range of products is available for purchase in our shop, allowing you to continue your skincare regimen at home for exceptional results. For optimal outcomes, we recommend rebooking follow-up treatments intuitively. Rediscover your natural beauty and leave feeling rejuvenated and uplifted.

    Rediscover your natural beauty and leave feeling revitalized and uplifted.

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Before & After Care in Our Head Spa

Explore our comprehensive before and after care guide for our Head Spa by clicking the link below.

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We believe long term health is an inside job. All guests are offered a nourishing gut health drink on arrival.

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    It's time to give your hair & scalp the love and care it deserves.