We believe long term health is an inside job. All guests are offered a nourishing gut health drink on arrival.



‘A multisensory, holistic ritual of wellness’

In tune with the divine order of nature, aligning our actions and rituals to its rhythms can help us tap into a powerful source of energy. The Moon is an integral part of this cosmic orchestra, influencing plantings, harvests, tides and more. Biodynamic agriculture follows these ancient cycles for optimal growth – similarly herbs & clay peeling cleanses become amplified when performed in harmony with lunar phases. Unlocking untold potentials from within the Earth's raw materials are made possible through carefully observing celestial events - fostering greater effectiveness with every step taken!

Performing our moon ritual with the herbs and clay peeling cleansing in conjunction with the lunar phases will increase its power and effectiveness

The waxing and waning moon have different blends they suggest

Waxing – antioxidant and strengthening blend

Waning – relaxing blend

The OWAY cleansing and detoxifying peel follows the phases of the moon. Made of 100% pure, natural, raw materials that have NOT undergone trough any refining processes. So, they are full of the maximum energetic powers The strengthening blend great for circulation on the scalp and helps promote growth of strong and healthy hair. Brings shine to the hair and protects the hair shaft from oxidation. The antioxidant blend is rich in vitamin C and protects the hair against aging. The relaxing blend will relax and calm sensitive scalps and provides shine and vitality. It purifies waste and toxins out of the air and will help promote a natural detox of the scalp.Great as a relaxation treatment while also stripping away dead skin on the scalp. Think of it as you would a face exfoliation

This service includes, - Ardor Kindred ritual (crystal combs, deep breathing, essential oils and pressure point massage to relax your mind)

Scalp herbs and clay cleansing scrub to suit the moon cycle and your scalp, Crystal mask, Treatment, massage and hot towel, Hand massage.

Please allow 45 hour.

  • Hydro-dhara flower fall treatment  

    Hydro-dhara flower fall treatment

    Our Hydro-dhara Flowerfall, we have introduced the ultimate add on service in our hair spa room. Deeply rooted in traditional Ayurvedic medicine this is an experience to revive your body and soul. Through our Hydro-dhara ritual, you
    will release stress and fatigue while restoring balance within yourself; the result is a harmonious harmony of mind and body! This Delivers essential nutrients beneficial to the hair & scalp, Not only that but it also helps fight chronic headaches & hypertension as well as improving memory & concentration - our mission? To help reach inner peace effortlessly. check out the video below to find out more. We pair this with Dottera emotional essential oils that you get to choose according to your emotional needs

    Add on to your service for a extra $19

  • Oway Tricolo- analyser  

    Oway Tricolo- analyser

    At Ardor, our Oway Tricho-Derm Scalp Analysis is something special - a trichology exclusive service specifically designed to give you that perfect hair and scalp treatment plan. With the added support of Perth's only salon equipped with an Oway Tricho-Analyzer Hair & Scalp Microscope, we can provide interactive insights into your individual needs. Whether it’s dandruff or dermatitis impacting your crowning glory, excess sebum causing irritation/ sensitivity issues – even if it’s just a general need for more holistic and natural treatments; at Ardor Organics they have you covered in every way!

    Women everywhere want to feel beautiful and confident in their hair, so it's our mission to help them get there! We believe that healthy locks start with a well-maintained scalp - the foundation for fabulous tresses!

    Get the ultimate pamper experience from our salon!

    Upgrade any service with a Tricolo-analyser and get even more bang for your buck by joining our membership package. Perfect for those who need regular treatments combined with at-home hair care & supplements to hit those scalp and hair goals.

    Nerd out below and read more about Trichology

  • Oway botanical Scalp treatments + Trico-analyser  

    Oway botanical Scalp treatments + Trico-analyser

    Struggling with hair & scalp issues? Our trico-derm tool digs deep for solutions. A special app shows real-time results. OWAY treatments, full of natural, bio-dynamic goodness, restore beauty. Relax in a private room with massage and oils for head-to-toe wellness.

    For an even more luxurious experience add on Hydra-Dhara service for ultimate pampering.

    These services includes
    - Treatments in private rooms with massage & oils.
    - Trico-derm camera assessment. (the camera assessment is only needed at your first & last appointment ongoing treatments to not include the cost of the camera assessment.
    - Tailored scalp treatment to suit your needs
    - Crystal mask
    - Hair treatment, hot towel, and massage
    - Chakra spray included.
    - Semi dry included

    Rituals to choose from

    - Scalp Cleansing Clarity ritual treatment

    - Scalp harmony renewal ritual treatment

    - Scalp gentle comfort ritual treatment

    - Scalp revive & renew ritual treatment

    Not to sure what treatment to choose, just click one of our options just choose one of the option in our hair spa menu and we can change on the day of your assessment.

    Make the most of your scalp care journey by taking a full course of treatments - just like with medication, repeating treatments are need to see full benefits. Ask of team about our exclusive deals.

  • Scalp Cleansing Clarity ritual treatment

    Scalp Cleansing Clarity ritual treatment

    Oway Scalp purifying treatment

    Organic Rosemary – Biodynamic Thyme – Willow Extract – Sustainable Teak – Rice Wax Micro-Particles Minty Freshness from Mint Extract – Crinipan – Biolin

    Solution for scalp and hair purity, addressing oily or dry dandruff concerns. Purges build-up, sanitizes, calms irritation, and provides soothing relief.

    Scalp Rejuvenation | Detox | Hair Mask | Scalp Relief

    Make the most of your scalp care journey by taking a full course of treatments - just like with medication, repeating treatments are need to see full benefits.

    Recommended 3-6 weekly sessions.
    Take home care- Purifying hair bath & dandruff remedy. Paired with a conditioner to suit your hair type.

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  • Scalp harmony renewal ritual treatment

    Scalp harmony renewal ritual treatment

    Oway Rebalancing treatment

    Biodynamic Sage – Euphrasia Herb – Pure Sweet Almond – Sustainable White
    Amazon Clay Ethical Teak and Mahogany

    Solution for oily scalps. Cleansing and dermo-purifying, it restores
    balance to seborrheic conditions, delivering profound equilibrium and anti-inflammatory

    Amazon Clay Scalp Rejuvenator | Purify | Hair Revival

    Make the most of your scalp care journey by taking a full course of treatments - just like with medication, repeating treatments are need to see full benefits.

    Recommended 3-6 every other week.
    Take home care- Sebum balance hair bath. Paired with a conditioner to suit your hair type.

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  • Scalp gentle comfort ritual treatment

    Scalp gentle comfort ritual treatment

    Oway Scalp rebalancing treatment

    Organic Fennel – Biodynamic Helichrysum – Chamomile Elixir – Aloe Vera
    Nourishment Amaranth Extract – Zanthoxylum Botanical Blend – Sustainable Teak
    and Mahogany

    Solution for sensitive, stressed, or irritated scalps. Dermatologist-approved
    for sensitive skin. Offers soothing, calming, and lipid-replenishing benefits.

    Scalp Elixir | Comfort Cleanse | Hair Mask | Calming Solution

    Make the most of your scalp care journey by taking a full course of treatments - just like with medication, repeating treatments are need to see full benefits.
    Recommended 2-3 sessions first week then reassess.
    Take home care- Soothing hair bath & soothing remedy. Paired with a conditioner to suit your hair type.

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  • Scalp revive & renew ritual treatment

    Scalp revive & renew ritual treatment

    Oway hair loss treatment

    Biodynamic Mint Essence and Cooling Menthol – Organic Horse-Chestnut Extract – Sustainable Teak
    Cedarwood Essence – Botanical Buddleja Davisii Stem Cells
    Solution for temporary hair loss | hormonal and congenital issues
    Enhances scalp circulation and fortifies hair.

    Cleansing Ritual | Hair Mask | Scalp Rejuvenator | Invigorating Massage

    Make the most of your scalp care journey by taking a full course of treatments - just like with medication, repeating treatments are need to see full benefits.
    Recommended 3-6 weekly sessions.
    Take home care- Microstimulating hair bath & densifying remedy. Paired with a conditioner to suit your hair type.

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Hydro-Dyara flowerfall


The secret to exceptional hair begins with the care of your scalp.
With 35% of Australians not happy with their scalps, we’ve crafted a Hair Ritual dedicated to its regeneration. A facial for your scalp, we’re promoting healthy hair growth by nurturing the production of sebum and epidermal lipids for a permeable hydrolipidic film. By ensuring healthy tissue at your hair follicles, we can promote healthy, lustrous hair growth.

Our Hair Rituals are inspired by Ayurveda. Ayurveda was developed in India thousands of years ago, as a system of holistic and preventative medicine that diagnoses imbalances in the mind and body. The purpose of Ayurveda is threefold - the maintenance of health, the cure of diseases and self- realisation. Based on the harmony of our body and our mind, Ayurveda works to reduce stress, eliminate toxins and improve circulation to reveal better balance and health to us as a whole.
Please allow 30 minutes for this service.

Vata (air + space), Pitta (fire + water) and Kapha (water + earth) are the 3 doshas and the 3 vital energies of Ayurvedic medicine.

Each doshas is the combination of two of the 5 Great Elements, of which one is predominant.
In reality, the 3 doshas are not separate energies, but different aspects of the same energy. Constantly changing and in constant balance with each other, an imbalance of the doshas is the cause of physical or psychological disorders. All of our Hair Rituals are tailored to suit your unique scalp concerns. Beginning with a scalp treatment lotion application, surrender to your scalp experience with a scalp massage at your chair. Followed by thorough shampooing, conditioning and additional scalp lotion, our Hair Rituals are completed by rinsing your hair in one of our therapeutic Himalayan or Dead Sea salt therapies.

AIR: VATA - Air + Space | Empowered by Air + Space, Vata is a hair ritual that has your scalp ready for summer. Ideal for those experiencing a dry scalp or dry dandruff, Vata boosts your scalp hydration and restores hydrolipidic film. Experience floral water, a purifying milk shampoo and clarifying witch hazel to nourish your dry scalp whilst refreshing eucalyptus works its antibacterial wonders. With Vata, you’ll discover the synergy of invigorating peppermint and thyme with soothing and purifying lavender, rosemary and cinnamon.

WATER: KAPHA - Water + Earth | Oxygenate your scalp for winter with Kapha. Harnessing water + earth, Kapha is a winter treat for your scalp that addresses oiliness, oily dandruff and excess sweating. Discover the soothing and revitalising benefits of cornflower water whilst geranium, tea tree and lemon cleanse and purify your scalp. Paired with soothing juniper berry and energising thyme, Kapha brings balance to your mind, body and scalp.

FIRE: PITTA - Fire + Water | Pitta harnesses fire + water to prepare your hair and scalp for autumn. A healing ritual, Pitta pairs chamomile water with lavender and lemon balm to powerfully soothe irritated and sensitive scalps. Complemented by invigorating ylang ylang and rosemary, Pitta also supports preventative action against hair loss.


Holistic scalp wellness

Trichology is a special field of dermatology which focuses on the health and well-being of hair and scalp. It uses an interactive approach, where a magnified view of the hair and scalp can be used to develop an individualized treatment plan. This type of therapy employs natural, holistic approaches that address a range of conditions such as dandruff, excess sebum, scalp irritation/sensitivity, dermatitis, and hair loss. The approach is perfect for those seeking more natural remedies to improve the look, feel, and longevity of their hair and scalp. Treatment plans are tailor-made for each patient so that regardless of age or ethnicity, trichology therapy can help in bringing about immediate relief from various hair & scalp issues.

Here at our salon, we have found a fantastic program through Oway that helps us help our clients. Oway's Trichology treatments are a comprehensive approach to scalp care that includes herbal extracts, essential oils, and other natural ingredients to detoxify and restore the scalp’s health. Through this program, we will be able to take an in-depth look at our clients’ hair & scalp issues and develop personalized trichology treatments for everyone. With the help of this program, we are confident that our clients will see a noticeable improvement in the health and appearance of their hair & scalp. So come on over to our salon and let us help you achieve healthy hair!

Gemma, our amazing director, and trichology student is totally dedicated to helping women everywhere with scalp and hair issues. Achieving your desired look should never be rushed; it takes care and dedication to get the best results. Let our holistic scalp specialist guide you on this journey with personalized haircare tips and follow up treatment plans. With the right advice, every woman will experience success on their individual journey to beautiful locks.

We are confident that through our holistic tricho-derm treatments, we can bring about positive changes in the health of our clients’ hair & scalp. So don’t wait any longer – make an appointment today and let us help you get your hair & scalp on the right track!

With the aim of helping women everywhere feel beautiful and confident, we made it our passion to search for solutions that keep hair healthy at its very roots — starting with a happy scalp.

Thank you for considering us as your holistic scalp specialist. We look forward to helping you achieving a healthy scalp, beautiful hair!

It's time to give your hair & scalp the love and care it deserves.



HIMALAYAN SALT | Originating from a dry sea 250 million years ago, our iron-rich, 100% Himalayan Salt is known as the diamond of salt thanks to its extraordinary skin and hair benefits. The Himalayan Pink Salt can be used from head to toe to effectively regenerate cell production whilst fighting against sebum production. With stunning exfoliation results for our face and body, Himalayan Pink Salt is also known to make our hair fibres stronger and more resistant.

DEAD SEA SALT | Our 100% Dead Sea Salt is unique in the world both for its concentration in salts and for its bacteriological sterility. The minerals in the salt pass through the surface of the skin to help maintain a good mineral balance within the body and provide the skin and hair with the elements they need to defend themselves from external elements. Rich in antioxidants, Dead Sea Salt helps to eliminate toxins, boost circulation and treat inflammation.


A blend as unique as you are.

To achieve balance in all elements of our life, our chakras first need to be aligned.

Our Ardor ritual treatment is the perfect way to give your colour services a luxurious finish! Enjoy a special selection of calming Everescents essential oils combined with an indulgent massage and hot towel wrap – it's sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Not getting a colour but would love to add this on to your service just ask one of our friendly team.

Here is some of our favourite blends for your chakra.

CROWN | Lavender, geranium
THIRD EYE | Patchouli, lemon, rosemary
THROAT | Bergamot, peppermint, lemon
HEART | Geranium, ylang ylang, lime
SOLAR PLEXUS | Lemongrass, grapefruit
NAVEL/SACRAL | Ylang Ylang & patchouli.
ROOT | Cinnamon, bergamot, geranium

Emotional well-being

Choose from these blends in our hair spa room.

FLORALS - For fear, worry, emotional hurt, trauma, or lack of feeling safe and comfortable

MINTS - For apathy, lack of motivation, insecurity, anxious feelings, fear of public speaking

HERBS & GRASSES - For feelings of anger, bitterness, irritation, or discontentment

TREES - When you are grieving, sad, ashamed, or going through a period of serious life transition

CITRUS - For when you are feeling distressed, unmotivated, sad, or down on yourself

SPICES - Use spice oils when you’re bored, disinterested or somber