Curls, the Ardor way... 

We get it. Finding a hairdresser that actually understands your textured hair is no mean feat!  From cutting techniques, styling, to the support you need to embrace those stunning curls, waves, and texture, we’re here to change your experience in the chair. 

At Ardor Organics, we’re a judgement-free space that embraces not only the lowest lox products on the market but your individual style too. We embrace all aspects of looking after curls and know it’s not a one size fits all. We help you to love your style and give you the tools to make sure your curls work for you, not against you. 

You can rest assured that embracing your natural curl comes with zero compromise at Ardor. We’ve scouted the best low tox curl products and thoroughly examined each and every ingredient before bringing it into our space. We have options for everyone.

The Ardor mission is to help you embrace your natural texture and discover curls you never knew you had. 

Our team are both Clever Curl trained, and MAP trained. This means we understand the principles of cutting your unique hair type and how to achieve the best outcome for you long-term. Beginning by analysing your face shape, curly hair type and porosity, we craft your personalised Ardor experience. 

We share our expertise on what styles should be avoided, how to best style your hair and recommend either a wet or dry curl cut. Our client experience always begins with a wet stretch test to analyze, in depth, the nutrients your hair needs most so that we can recommend the right products to achieve results. 

From here, we can kick start any colouring needs with our low tox and toxin-free colours as well as our divine Hair Spa Treatments to nurture not just your hair but your mind and spirit too. 

We can’t wait for you to begin your curl journey with us.


Ardor Curly Hair Bootcamp (135 mins)

Whether this is your first time in the salon, or the first time you’re ready to embrace your curls, or you’ve been on a curl journey for a while now and just need something more, this bootcamp is for you.

Kicking off your bootcamp is an in-depth consultation where we’ll analyse your hair’s condition and your goals. What do you want to get out of today's session, and your hair in general?

Following your consultation, we’ll get started with a dry or wet curl haircut followed by an invigorating Vitamin C detox to remove any buildup. 

Next we do a full hydration service and take you through all the benefits of this process.

Back in the chair, we will choose products specifically suited to your curl type, and show you how to apply them, layer them and style with them. We coach you through the steps and get you to try the new techniques because we find that doing is how we remember best.

We then take you through our techniques for a low heat diffuse dry and finish with a hooded dryer while we go through the cheat sheet with you so that we really lock in the new information. You get the sheet to take home to help you remember everything you’ve learnt.


The Curly Hair Facial 

Is your textured hair feeling dry and frizzy? Do you feel like your curls need a new lease on life? Do you need a boost of hydration? It’s time for a facial…. for your hair! 

Perfect as a total hair pick-me-up, our Curly Hair Facial delivers maximum hydration to reveal your healthiest, tamest curls yet.

During your indulgent treatment, we deeply moisturise your hair, which will improve lustre and manageability of the hair. Designed to define your curls and minimise frizz, we bring much needed moisture into your natural curls or waves and lock it in for long-term styling ease. 

This service will result in more defined curls and to help reduce frizz. The purpose of this service is to bring more moisture to your natural curls/waves and keep that moisture locked in.

We highly recommend this service for our curly ladies heading to a special event that would like their natural curls to shine. Lay back, relax and experience Ardor pampering whilst we take care of the rest. 

For long-term hydration benefits, we recommend booking a 6-treatment package and coming in for this treatment monthly. 


Ardor Curl Masterclass (45 mins) 

It’s time to fall in love with styling your curly hair!

In this one-on-one session, our experts are here to help you with all of your curly hair needs. From what’s the best products to use, the ingredients to have on your shelf to troubleshooting hair maintenance and styling, we’re here for you every step of the way. 

If you’re brand new to the curly hair life, we recommend pairing your Ardor Curl Masterclass with one of our hydration and style sessions, or better yet, the full Bootcamp, where you’ll enjoy hands-on experience in styling and managing your locks. 

Low Tox Curls

We’re driven to create happy and healthy hair in the most holistic way possible. Every product on the Ardor Organics shelves have been meticulously researched to find the safest and lowest toxic curly ranges on the market.  

All curly hair services include a shampoo/co-wash cleanser and condition with our curly hair loving hair care ranges and finished off with a hooded dryer or diffuser. 

All curly haircuts are exclusively performed by our MAP method and CleverCurl Approach trained stylists.

Please advise if you are a curly client and require our curly hair specialists. 



How to prepare for your appointment:

    1. Please cleanse your hair the day of your appointment, and make sure your hair is 100% dry.
    2. Please wear your curls how you would normally wear them - a little bit of product is fine. Please do not use heavy products or any shea butter or coconut oil in your hair. 
    3. Be sure to make sure you remove any stubborn tangles. Ideally, we would like you to remove your tangles through your fingers and try to avoid using a brush or comb in the hair. A brush will only create more frizz.
    4. Please be sure to use no clips, pins, scrunchies, hats or any other hair accessories. When we use these in the hair, they can straighten out the hair and create marks. This makes it very difficult for us to see how your hair usually sits.
    5. Please bring inspiration photos and pictures. It helps us know your hair goals for the session!
    6. Ensure you’ve allocated enough time to arrive at our salon. If you are late, we may not be able to perform your whole service, as this may impact our other clients, and curls are not something to be rushed. We do try to accommodate, but if you are a no-show or last-minute cancellation, you will be charged 50% of your cancelled appointment.
    7. Come with an open mind and be ready to feel empowered about your curl journey. Remember, this is a journey. Sometimes it takes a few appointments to reach your hair goals.
    8. Let us know if you have really coily/kinky hair as we may need extra time.
    9. Our prices online and in our booking system are a guide. Extra charges may incur if we need extra time with you and your hair. All quotes will be given before we begin the service.                                                                                              
Thanks for joining us!