Your Ardor Experience 

We believe in nourishing from the inside out. 

Harnessing forward-thinking organic, cruelty free, vegan friendly and low toxin products, we never sacrifice health for beauty. We’ve done the research for you so you can sit back and unwind without the use of nasty chemicals and synthetic fragrances.

Your Ardor experience isn’t just a hair service. From the moment you step inside our botanical oasis till the moment your time with us concludes, you’ll discover the Ardor difference.


Our Philosophy

Since the beginning of time, hair has been celebrated as a symbol of femininity.

From the moment you sit in one of our chairs, we’re committed to the health and integrity of your hair. Nurturing the delicate hair structure, we work with you to develop a personalised journey to repair damage and unruly locks.  

 We’re committed to driving change in the hair industry not just through harnessing the very best in low toxin and toxin free products but through our education and our passion.

Feel confident in knowing that a product stocked on an Ardor shelf is one that has been rigorously studied and aligned with our values. We ask the questions, so you don’t have to.

Please also be aware that everyone's values are not the same and it is your responsibility to check the labelling and ingredients before buying.


The Ardor Woman

She is passionate. She is warm. She allows her heart to be open. She lives a life driven by meaning. The Ardor woman will always remain invested in all things that are good in the world and will always live a life full of purpose.



Our Promise To You

When we introduce a new product, there’s a series of non-negotiables.

Our products are free from ammonia, parabens, phthalates, silicone's, harsh sulphates, minimal PPD and resorcinol.

We have made sure that the lines we carry have not been green-washed by promising to remove a chemical but merely replacing it with another.

We’re also proudly cruelty-free and vegan friendly in most of our ranges, and we are adding more all the time as new products are engineered.

Driven by our commitment to change, transparency and authenticity, our promise is that your Ardor experience will always be unforgettable and we are always honest about what is in the products we use.

If you have any specific requirements, please let us know before we commence the service.


Imbibe Beauty Welcome Drink

When we shared our passion for nourishing from the inside out, we meant it. Welcoming you into our space, you’ll enjoy an Imbibe Beauty Wellness Drink. Formulated with 8 strains of bio-fermented probiotics, this hydrating blend promotes skin elasticity and a happy gut.


Natulique Colour 

NATULIQUE Natural Hair Colours is an innovative permanent colour system which, with natural and mild ingredients, is perfect for even the most demanding customer.

These natural hair dyes are developed with a sharp focus on natural ingredients and are a more gentle hair dye that deliver sharp results while caring for the hair. You thereby achieve a superb colour quality without drying out the hair.

A unique formula with jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil and extract from sunflower seeds for better hair colouring with less chemistry.


Organic Colour Systems

Healthier for you and the environment, our colours are free of ammonia (soyamine, rapeseedamide is used as an alternative), perfumes, resorcinol’s, silicone, parabens, SLS/SLES, sodium chloride and GMO.

Proudly sustainably sourced and PETA approved, our vegan-friendly products are 60% certified organic and 95% naturally derived (pigments and stabilisers take care of the remaining 5%) to improve your hair condition with every treatment.


Végétalement Provence Clean Beauty

We harness the expertise of green chemistry.

Specialising in 100% plant-based, toxic free colours, treatments and rituals, Végétalement Provence is our clean beauty partner.

With Végétalement Provence, we create unforgettable hair and scalp rituals inspired by Ayurveda as well as 100% plant-based colour transformations and treatments.

 Empowered by toxic-free beauty, Végétalement Provence products are crafted with vegetable and essential oils to deliver exceptional treatment results that are kind to the world around us.


Chakra Balancing Essential Oil Ritual

Every step of your Ardor experience is as unique as you are. Placed on the base of the heavens pillar, your personally chosen essential oil is added to hair during your treatment.


Through our Chakra Essential Oil Menu, your soul will guide you to where it needs the most replenishment. Dedicated to your 7 chakras, we want your time with us to be centred and uplifted all the way through.











Thanks for joining us!