Below are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at Ardor Organics.
If you have any further questions please reach out to us!
We take our clients as seriously as Kylie Jenner takes her lipstick, so for me to run a tight ship and keep things running smoothly and fair to everyone we have a 48 hour cancellation policy. If you advise that you don't want your appointment or want to change it in less than 48 hours it will unfortunately incur 50% charge and will be added to your account to pay at your next visit. If we do not hear from you and don't arrive, the full amount will be added to your account.

We don't want you to miss your appointment as each of our clients our super important to us. So we do send out an appointment reminder 48 hours before your appointment to confirm. If we do not hear back from you by the end of the day a second text will be sent as we really want to make sure we get you in but unfortunately if we don't hear back from you by the end of that day your appointment will be cancelled and given to someone on our wait list.

It is the absolute worst being stuck in traffic, we totally get how stressful it is. If you are stuck in traffic or running late please let us know, so we can figure out the best options. In some cases being late for your appointment may mean we have to shorten your appointment time, meaning you cannot get everything you booked in for, but please understand our appointments are strictly timed to make the day go smooth as all appointments are back to back. We suggest to always allow extra time if travelling from far and feel free to come in and relax with a cuppa.
For Payment we accept cash, eftpos and afterpay. Cheques and American Express are not accepted. Our Price Lists are on our website. quotes will be given before services are started.
As much as we love kids we unfortunately do not offer any creche services so babies and children are asked to be left at home. We as a salon try to provide a quiet and relaxing environment for all of our clients and our hot tools, machines and products can be a safety hazard for children.
For Parking we are happy for you to park in the driveway or on the curb in front of the salon. Please be considerate of our neighbours, park quite close to our home and on our grass that is directly out the front of the house. There is also a park 2 mins up the road that you can park at. At school Pick up time you may be asked to move your car if parked in the driveway or we can move it for you.
Our number one contact we suggest, is to call on 0407 649 525. While we don't mind Facebook and Instagram messaging, it is hard to get back to you straight away, sometimes it can take up to 72 hours for a reply. We have found too many mistakes have been made via social media and the extra time it takes to reply. If booking via social media please note we can hold the appointment and if you do not reply within the hour the appointment will be given away to the next person waiting, always best to just give us a quick call or send us a social media message asking for an appointment and someone will be in touch. Please be aware this is a business, so it runs like all other workplaces. Our hours to call are 9-5 weekdays and 9-4 on Saturdays. NO SUNDAYS. We also have a fantastic online booking. When booking for a colour please pick colour or foil first then cut and blowdry.

We recommend to rebook at the end of your appointment or at least a month prior to a certain date that you may want. We do get booked up very fast, and this is to avoid disappointment. You can also call and get out onto a cancelation list as sometimes plans do change for other clients.
All colour companies manufacturers instructions state that a colour patch test is performed 48 hours before your colour, even if you have used the colour before. Sensitivities and allergies can happen randomly even if you have used the same colour for the last 10 years due to a number of factors. You can either pop into the salon 48 hours before your colour appointment. We also offer a little bit of colour in a jar to take home perform the test your self. If you are local please arrange a pick up in store, or if you do live a bit of a distance we can post this out. This test needs to be performed 48 hours before your colour appointment with us

How to perform as skin test? Pour a small amount onto the inside of your arm, close to the crease of your elbow Aplpy a band aid over spot (if allergic to band aids please something else to cover the colour) Leave on for 2 hours Wash with warm soapy water. If it stings or is irritating wash off immediately

How to know if you have had a reaction. Generally an allergic reaction will blister within a few hours.
Research into colouring hair when pregnant is limited, but most of it shows us that it is safe to colour during pregnancy. Some studies have found that very high doses of the chemicals found in hair colours may cause harm. However , the doses are massive compared to the very low volume a women colouring her hair is exposed to. The simple answer is yes but we do recommend extra care as follows:

- We suggest to avoid colouring during the first trimester of pregnancy, when the risk of chemical substances harming the baby increases.
-Avoid colouring of the scalp wherever possible to ensure any chemicals used are only absorbed into the hair, not the scalp or bloodstream.
- Choose an oxidative pigment-free colour
- Always skin test 48 hours before colouring, regardless of the product you are using
- Hormones changes can see a change to the condition of the pregnant woman's hair. Extra care needs to be taken in your consult. You may find your colour can go warmer or the colour may not take like it normally would

We always recommend consulting with your health care practitioner.
100 % YES! We have the best results using our system when going lighter. All our clients hair gets detoxed before we begin colouring. This removes any build up that maybe sitting in the hair. Build up that sits on the hair makes it harder for the colours to penetrate the hair shaft, this usually means hairdressers have to use higher % peroxides to open the hair cuticle, this then exposes a lot of warm undertones . In giving the hair a good detox we can use a lower peroxide. Blondes come up cleaner and we are left with a more even results and less warmth. By correctly balancing the hair with protein or moisture your toners last longer adn you have strong healthy hair. We do not use plex system as we feel this just masks the problem. We believe in keeping the hair in the best integrity. All our blonde clients are on our salon care plan. Less is more and to care for the hair within. We suggest all new blonde clients to book in for a detox and consultation one week before a big job. Some detoxes can take 45mins. This is due to years of using products that may contain silicones/products that have built up in the hair.
Our colour range we use is Organic colour system. We also use everescents at the basin. We have a huge range in our shop. Check out our online store!
Unfortunately there is no such professional colour or home box colour on the market that can be toxin free, as all colours need chemicals to achieve results. We have researched many colours on the market and we are confident in believing we are stocking the lowest of toxins colours that achieve amazing results. We are a low-toxin salon and research everything we bring into the salon. As we are a professional salon we have to find products that perform. Some of our wet line ranges do contain certain preservatives, or ingredients you may wish to avoid for your home maintenance hair care if you're wishing to be strictly toxic free in your life, We found in the years of researching and trailing products that unfortunately we just couldn't get results with ranges that were completely toxic free and it was leaving the hair in not great condition. We have found over the years that when it comes to hair, clients want results and if they were not getting it from a toxic free version they would go back to their highly toxic brand. We are confident that we have found the best lowest toxin ranges to suit all hair types giving everyone different options on what they prefer. If you are concerned about any ingredients in any of our ranges please contact us at and Gemma will be more than happy to answer any questions.
We offer refill option for our most popular shampoo and conditioners. You can receive a 10% off when bringing back your bottle. We recycle all our foil and colour bottles. We try to be as sustainable as possible as we can be in the salon!
We believe very strongly in giving a proper consultation before we begin the service so no mistakes can happen. We also like to go over everything with you so we are both on the same page. Please bring lots of photos. We advise all new clients book a separate consultation so we can spend a good 15mins talking about hair goals. We also believe in some cases, some colours will take more than one booking with us. We do like to keep you informed and create realistic hair goals. However in the event you are not 100% happy we would love to hear back from you. Please contact us within 3 days. We will get you back into the salon as soon as possible to discuss what you are unhappy with and fix it up. Unfortunately discussing over message can be confusing and messages can get taken any way so this is why we like to get you back in to discuss. After 3 days you may incur a charge.

If we are going to be doing major colour correcting from a previous salons colour work it can take a few appointments to fix. We do not offer refunds or fix ups in this case as these will need to be taken over appointments spread out to keep the hair in the best integrity and to be able to cover correctly.

Unfortunately change of mind is not classified as a redo and will incur extra charges, in some cases we may offer a discount. Blowdrys are not included in any redos and will be charged. We have the right to refuse if in some cases and no refunds will be given.
Unfortunately we can not give refunds on certain products due to health and safety. In some cases if seal has not been broken we maybe able to offer a refund. If you are unhappy with a product we recommended to get in contact with the company directly so they can advise of the appropriate steps. We can offer refunds or change of minds on some of the ranges like jewellery or homewares within 7 days and if un damaged and packaging is not damaged.
Aftercare will depend on the treatments or service you received. We will make sure you know all the details on how to care for your hair and colour correctly at home. We do recommend all our colour clients go on the correctly prescribed home hair care and follow our suggested guidelines. This will give your colour long jeopardy and extra security. Unfortunately if the home plan is not followed correctly we can not guarantee how long your colour will last or how the condition of your hair will be. We strongly advise all our colour clients perform weekly treatments. Over time of not correctly caring for your hair at home damage may start to be noticed. We do treatments on all our colour clients complimentary before all colours, but in with regular colouring, and heating your hair, being exposed to the elements, product use and even a harsh water home hair care is vital for good quality hair and colours that last.
We do have friends that book appointments at the same time so they can both get pampered together. However we unfortunately do not have room if you bring a friend in to just sit with you for your appointment.
Yes, we sure do. Please see in store
We have a $9.95 shipping rate. Heavier items may incur an extra cost.
As we are a hair salon and most of our time is spent with clients we have 3 scheduled shipping days
Unfortunately on products that have no seal we can not give refunds or exchanges on. For items like homewares if it is faulty please contact us and we will be able to offer an exchange. Sorry, no refunds on change of mind.
100% yes. In fact we highly recommend this. This will save you on postage plus it is much better for our environment.
Please contact us and we will be able to solve this problem for you.
Yes you sure can you can find these in our online store.
From time to time, our products are marked down. If you have purchased an item that is now on sale permanently within the last 14 days, we will gladly organise a one-time price adjustment. Please contact us via email Please note: we are unable to offer price adjustments for temporary promotions or discounts. Promotions and discounts cannot be applied retroactively to orders placed before the promotion started.
Thanks for joining us!