Long term health is an inside job. All guests are offered a nourishing gut health drink on arrival.


Detox and Personalise 

Our hero treatment : Detox and Personalise can farewell years of build-up to reveal stronger, cleaner hair, colour you didn’t know you had and longer lasting professional colour.

If it’s been a few years of using suffocating hair and scalp products, this is the perfect starting point for giving your hair a serious reset. Beginning with our signature wet stretch test, we’re able to determine what your hair needs most. 

We then detox with the appropriate cleanser and vitamin C.

Let your hair [finally] breathe again. Upgrade your next cutting service to include a Detox and Personalise or begin your hair health journey by having this treatment prior to your colour service.



Earth Plant Baths, plants from mother nature

30 mins of pure bliss sent straight from Mother Nature.

Selected for your unique hair needs, this luxurious plant bath consists of a deep cleansing shampoo, targeted treatment to address your concerns, followed by an ultra-rich post-colour mask and an indulgent head massage.

Why do we choose this colour mask? Because the benefits are one of a kind!

Its unique formulation of active, organic agents keeps your colour looking beautiful and radiant whilst simultaneously treating the hair depth without the added weight. An innovative formulation, our colour mask is created for dull, dry or colour damaged hair to protect from pollution, environmental factors and chlorine. Rich in shea, liminanthe, calendula, ginseng, blackcurrant, lemon, sweet orange, bergamot and mandarin, this invigorating formulation stabilises your colour and keeps it looking fresher, for longer.

What is Mother Nature sending you? First, choose your Plant Bath experience…

EARTH Plant Bath No. 25 - BHRINGRAJ (Maka)

A one of a kind powder, Maka is the hair king. No seriously, that’s what it means!

Suitable for all hair types, Maka is made from 100% pure and organic plants to address hair loss, lack of volume and thickness and hair strength. A detoxifying experience, Maka slows down early greying and frustrating itching and dandruff.

Please note, this powder tends to darken hair when used very frequently and may cause white hair to colour golden.

EARTH Plant Bath No. 28 - AMLA

Meaning nurse, our Amla is here to restore and regenerate.

Amla harnesses 100% pure plants and Vitamin C to enhance your hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Intensifying coppers and dark colours, our pure organic Amla is suitable for all hair types.

Please note, this powder may cause migraines in some.

EARTH Plant Bath No. 2 LIGHTING (Cassia Obovata)

Cassia Obovata is here to sanitise, strengthen and shine.

Suitable for all hair types, we harness 100% pure plants to address sebum build-up and dandruff.

Building up your hair strength and volume, Cassia Obovata leaves your hair feeling and looking luminous.

EARTH Plant Bath No. 27 - METHI (Fenugrec)

Rich in protein and phytoestrogens, Fenugrec addresses unwanted hair loss to promote stronger, longer and softer hair. Suitable for all hair types, these 100% pure plants harness antibacterial action to reduce dandruff and soothe inflammation.

EARTH Plant Bath No. 31 – NEEM (Margussier)

An exceptional all-rounder, Margussier is rich in fatty acids to hydrate and address hair loss, dandruff and itching. Feel empowered as this Ayurvedic plant, designed to cure all ills, deeply cleanses your pores and reduces the effects of excess sebum production and eczema.



Ayurvedic Hair Rituals – The Elements 

Please allow 30 minutes for this service

The secret to exceptional hair begins with the care of your scalp. With 35% of Australians not happy with their scalps, we’ve crafted a Hair Ritual dedicated to its regeneration.  

A facial for your scalp, we’re promoting healthy hair growth by nurturing the production of sebum and epidermal lipids for a permeable hydrolipidic film. By ensuring healthy tissue at your hair follicles, we can promote healthy, lustrous hair growth. 

Our Hair Rituals are inspired by Ayurveda. Ayurveda was developed in India thousands of years ago, as a system of holistic and preventative medicine that diagnoses imbalances in the mind and body.

The purpose of Ayurveda is threefold - the maintenance of health, the cure of diseases and self- realisation. Based on the harmony of our body and our mind, Ayurveda works to reduce stress, eliminate toxins and improve circulation to reveal better balance and health to us as a whole.

Our Doshas

Vata (air + space), Pitta (fire + water) and Kapha (water + earth) are the 3 doshas and the 3 vital energies of Ayurvedic medicine. Each doshas is the combination of two of the 5 Great Elements, of which one is predominant.

In reality, the 3 doshas are not separate energies, but different aspects of the same energy. Constantly changing and in constant balance with each other, an imbalance of the doshas is the cause of physical or psychological disorders.

All of our Hair Rituals are tailored to suit your unique scalp concerns. Beginning with a scalp treatment lotion application, surrender to your scalp experience with a scalp massage at your chair. Followed by thorough shampooing, conditioning and additional scalp lotion, our Hair Rituals are completed by rinsing your hair in one of our therapeutic Himalayan or Dead Sea salt therapies.



Air + Space

Empowered by Air + Space, Vata is a hair ritual that has your scalp ready for summer.

Ideal for those experiencing a dry scalp or dry dandruff, Vata boosts your scalp hydration and restores hydrolipidic film.

Experience floral water, a purifying milk shampoo and clarifying witch hazel to nourish your dry scalp whilst refreshing eucalyptus works its antibacterial wonders.

With Vata, you’ll discover the synergy of invigorating peppermint and thyme with soothing and purifying lavender, rosemary and cinnamon.


Water + Earth

Oxygenate your scalp for winter with Kapha. Harnessing water + earth, Kapha is a winter treat for your scalp that addresses oiliness, oily dandruff and excess sweating.

Discover the soothing and revitalising benefits of cornflower water whilst geranium, tea tree and lemon cleanse and purify your scalp. Paired with soothing juniper berry and energising thyme, Kapha brings balance to your mind, body and scalp.


Fire + Water

Pitta harnesses fire + water to prepare your hair and scalp for autumn.

A healing ritual, Pitta pairs chamomile water with lavender and lemon balm to powerfully soothe irritated and sensitive scalps. Complemented by invigorating ylang ylang and rosemary, Pitta also supports preventative action against hair loss.




Plant-Based Keratin Treatments

Allow 1 hour

Designed with very dry, damaged or frizzy curly hair in mind, this intense repairing treatment is rich in plant keratin to exceptionally restore and regenerate even coloured hair.

A toxin-free and vegan-friendly approach, our solution uniquely fills gaps in the structure of the hair to rebuild dry and damaged strands whilst deeply hydrating textured, wavy or curly hair.

Our Keratin Treatments is a four-phase approach. Beginning with the prepping of the hair with a specially chosen shampoo, your hair is towel dried and part one of our treatment is applied. After 15 minutes, we rinse and then apply our intensive care mask as you unwind with an at-basin massage.

Harnessing ultra-nourishing and protective properties, our Intensive Care Butter Mask is then used to regenerate and repair your hair. Our mask of choice for Keratin Treatments, our Intensive Care Butter Mask is infused with avocado to promote hair growth, jojoba and chamomile for calming and shine, calendula to soothe irritations and aloe vera for exceptional hydration and healing.

Your treatment is concluded with our Intense Care Nourishing Oil.

Please note, this is not a straightening system.





Supre Pigments Colour Refresh

Is your colour feeling a bit dull, blonde feeling too warm, or are you going out but not quite ready for a colour yet? Why not add our colour refresh option to your next cut and blow-dry. We tailor your shampoo and conditioner to suit your colour and your concerns. 

Followed by our beautiful luxury post colour mask treatment. Our colour mask is created for dull, dry or colour damaged hair to protect from pollution, environmental factors and chlorine. Rich in shea, liminanthe, calendula, ginseng, blackcurrant, lemon, sweet orange, bergamot and mandarin, this invigorating formulation stabilises your colour and keeps it looking fresher, for longer. 






Originating from a dry sea 250 million years ago, our iron-rich, 100% Himalayan Salt is known as the diamond of salt thanks to its extraordinary skin and hair benefits.

The Himalayan Pink Salt can be used from head to toe to effectively regenerate cell production whilst fighting against sebum production. With stunning exfoliation results for our face and body, Himalayan Pink Salt is also known to make our hair fibres stronger and more resistant.  


Our 100% Dead Sea Salt is unique in the world both for its concentration in salts and for its bacteriological sterility.

The minerals in the salt pass through the surface of the skin to help maintain a good mineral balance within the body and provide the skin and hair with the elements they need to defend themselves from external elements. Rich in antioxidants, Dead Sea Salt helps to eliminate toxins, boost circulation and treat inflammation.




A blend as unique as you are.

To achieve balance in all elements of our life, our chakras first need to be aligned.

When we do the post colour treatment, you may select the blend your mind, body and spirit seeks the most. A few spritzes will be sprayed onto your hair at the basin or added to your treatment, where appropriate. You can also choose from a selection of individual oils.


Lavender, frankincense


Patchouli, lavender, cedarwood


Bergamot, tea tree, chamomile


Geranium, ylang ylang, jasmine


Fennel, juniper berry, lemongrass


Clary sage, patchouli


Ginger, cypress, sandalwood

Thanks for joining us!