Naturaltech is a fantastic program that marries sustainability and modern technology to take care of your scalp and hair health. It offers loving support for those suffering from oily scalps or unexpected baldness, delivering the powerful relief you deserve!

With Naturaltech, we are dedicated to the belief that hair and scalp health comes from a perfect balance of nature, human innovation, and technology. Our sustainable beauty practices strive for qualitative formulations while
honouring our commitment to the planet - all with one amazing brand!

We invite you to experience the transformative power of a massage ritual. During your one on-one consultation*, we'll chat about specific hair and scalp needs that will enable us to create an individualized treatment plan for you! Get the total luxurious spa experience with our naturaltech treatments! We combine a crystal mask, essential oils on pressure points and a 5 mins of pure bliss with our aroma-infused massage so you can look and feel your best. - get ready for relaxation mode!

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Designed with very dry, damaged or frizzy curly hair in mind, this intense repairing treatment is rich in plant keratin to exceptionally restore and regenerate even coloured hair.

A toxin-free and vegan-friendly approach, our solution uniquely fills gaps in the structure of the hair to rebuild dry and damaged strands whilst deeply hydrating textured, wavy or curly hair.

Our Keratin Treatments is a four-phase approach. Beginning with the prepping of the hair with a specially chosen shampoo, your hair is towel dried and part one of our treatment is applied. After 15 minutes, we rinse and then apply our intensive care mask as you unwind with an at-basin massage. Harnessing ultra-nourishing and protective properties, our Intensive Care Butter Mask is then used to regenerate and repair your hair. Our mask of choice for Keratin Treatments, our Intensive Care Butter Mask is infused with avocado to promote hair growth, jojoba and chamomile for calming and shine, calendula to soothe irritations and aloe vera for exceptional hydration and healing. Your treatment is concluded with our Intense Care Nourishing Oil.

Please note, this is not a straightening system.
Please allow 1 hour.

Luxury organic hair treatments



    Our hero treatment: Detox and Personalise can farewell years of build-up to reveal stronger, cleaner hair, colour you didn’t know you had and longer lasting professional colour.

    If it’s been a few years of using suffocating hair and scalp products, this is the perfect starting point for giving your hair a serious reset. Beginning with our signature wet stretch test, we’re able to determine what your hair needs most. 

    We then detox with the appropriate cleanser and vitamin C.

    Let your hair [finally] breathe again.

    Upgrade your next cutting service to include a Detox and Personalise or begin your hair health journey by having this treatment prior to your colour service.

    Please allow 45 mins

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    A treatment form damaged, weakened and depleted hair - Using Ultrasonic and Infrared Radiation Plate

    The Infrared Hair Remedy is a revolutionary new way to regenerate your hair and maintain its natural vitality. Combining the power of ultrasonic waves and infrared radiation, it seals porous hair scales for thicker cuticles, repairs tissue capillaries from damage caused by styling products or environmental effects like sun exposure. This service is a deep reconstructive treatment, it will help repair keratin chains inside the hair fibres, supplies amino acids to the cuticle and cortex. Its gentle heat activates colouring treatment without any risk to irritate delicate scalp areas while promoting long-lasting healthy shine - making sure you always look vibrant no matter what life throws at you!

    We recommend for best results to use the matching Oway haircare at home for best results

    This services includes a relaxing head massage at the basin and a choice of beautiful nurturing teas.

    Please allow 45mins

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    Unwind and let yourself be pampered with a bespoke hair
    experience! Nourish your strands from root to tip with an indulgent hair mask
    from our Pure range tailored specifically for you. A crystal eye-mask helps
    refresh tired eyes, while a aromatherapy mist clears away any negative energy
    so that the tension of everyday life melts away. Enjoy the blissful sensation
    of a scalp massage followed by warmth as steamy towels embrace each strand -
    leaving you feeling totally relaxed yet energized all at once.

    Please allow 15mins

    ** please note this range contain a water soluble silicone but are perfect for those that enjoy that cosmetic feel **

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    Is your colour feeling a bit dull, blonde feeling too warm, or are you going out but not quite ready for a colour yet? Why not add our colour refresh option to your next cut and blow-dry. We tailor your shampoo and conditioner to suit your colour and your concerns. 

    Followed by our beautiful luxury post colour mask treatment. Our colour mask is created for dull, dry or colour damaged hair to protect from pollution, environmental factors and chlorine.

    Please allow 15mins

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