We are a self managed sustainable salon

It is super important to us here at Ardor Organics that we do our part to minimize our green footprint on this earth. Here is all the things that we do to help with our impact.

  • All the hair that gets cut from our clients goes into compost
  • Organic colour systems (our salons colour choose) use post consumer recycle plastic for our colour bottles and haircare that we sell and are B Corp certified
  • All plastic bags and small plastic materials gets taken to the Woolworths and Coles bins to be recycled appropriately
  • All our used plastic bottles and colour bottle in the salon get sent to Schwarzkopf cares recycling program. We also offer all our clients the opportunity to bring back their purchased haircare products to the salon which can then be placed in one of our bins so it can also be sent of to the teracycle program   
  • All our cardboard is recycled at the local recycling plant
  • Stacey takes home all our compost material to her compost bin
  • Our foil gets rolled into balls and taken to West coast metals for recycling 
  • Any company we partner with has to be cruelty free and have a environmental ethos
  • Coming soon, refillable haircare

We don't pass this cost onto our clients. Its is all done with love and wanting to make a difference to our planet 


Thanks for joining us!