We’re often asked questions like, “what makes you a low-tox salon?”, “how do I know if my salons products are truly low-tox?” and “is it really possible to colour my hair without the nasty chemicals?”.


Today, there is more awareness than ever of the benefits of living low tox and sustainably and your hair salon experience should be no different!


If you’re transitioning to the low-tox life or looking for a salon that deeply connects with your mission, here’s 3 ways to know if your salon ticks the boxes.


They might walk the walk, but can they talk the talk?

Leaders in low-tox haircare, the Ardor approach is a holistic, safe and conscious one. Clean before it was cool, we pride ourselves in delivering outstanding hair transformations without compromise.


When it comes to low-tox haircare, it’s all about customisation and finding out what is going to work best for your hair and your goals.


At Ardor, we begin all colour journeys with a wet stretch test to match your hair needs with the best possible treatment. Leads in scalp replenishment and holistic haircare, our detox treatments set your hair up for its low-tox transformation.


With not all alternatives created the same, a true low-tox salon will often work with multiple solutions to meet unique client requirements. We offer low-tox solutions for hair toning, grey coverage and darkening using Végétalement Cataplasme and Organic Colour Systems (OSC) for those bigger colour change ups and hair lightening.


So yes, we talk the talk.


Ingredients are everything!

Let’s be real. Both the haircare and green industry use a lot of marketing hype and jargon to claim they’re the best of the best. This can lead to products sounding a lot more low-tox or sustainable than they actually are.


When on the hunt for a low-tox salon, clients often find themselves disappointed when their low-tox hair products have an ingredients list longer than that new Twilight novel. Switching out nasty ingredients for alternative nasties isn’t the answer so at Ardor, we take the guesswork out of choosing low-tox salon experiences.


Every brand used in Ardor has been rigorously tested and researched by our Founder, Gemma. Asking the hard-hitting questions, testing the results herself and researching every detail of its formulation, nothing hits that Ardor shelf without Gemma’s low-tox approval.


When deciphering whether a brand has your low-tox solutions, ask them about their ingredients! They need to have your answers.


What are they sending you home with?

If you’ve experienced a low-tox hair transformation but you’re being sent home with sulphates and artificial fragrances, then what’s the point? A true low-tox salon has thought beyond what they’re using in the salon chair and crafted at-home haircare solutions to fit the brief.


Keep your hair in pristine condition by pairing your new colour with clean at-home products. From shampoo and condition essentials, luxurious hair treatments to must-have styling products, it’s absolutely possible to turn your entire haircare ritual into a low-tox journey!


With Gemma’s low-tox seal of approval, we proudly retail a selection of low-tox and organic hair care products to keep your hair looking salon fresh in between appointments. Celebrating our holistic ethos, we even have refillable stations so you can save the planet and your dollars in one.


Ready to join the low-tox movement? Book your Ardor Organics consultation online today!