Treat your health, hair and scalp to pure oils

Haircare oils can be a lush addition to your locks, but they can also be riddled with nasty added ingredients. Luckily, you don’t actually need all the added sludge. Pure oils and essential oils on their own are no fuss alternatives that offer many benefits for your hair, scalp, and overall health. Using natural oils means a safer environment and a head free of toxins.
The number one oil used in the Ardor salon is Castor oil – the favourite. In fact, every client gets the Castor Oil treatment within their leave in moisturiser. The amount used depends on the hair – thin means less, thick means more. No matter the hair type though, it works well with everyone. This oil smooths frizz, adds shine, and strengthens the hair due to natural antioxidants supporting your hairs keratin.
Secondly, lavender is a must-have essential oil within the salon as well as in the home. Lavender oil is well known for its soothing scent and antiseptic properties which help the skin to heal. It’s great for all hair types. In the salon it’s used in deep conditions or when tackling a client’s dandruff.
Try one of our dandruff recipes at home or in your salon –  mix a 15 drops each of lavender and rosemary with 50mls of quality white vinegar into a 250ml spray bottle and top it up with water. After washing your hair give it a good spritzing close to the roots. This recipe helps balance the pH level of the scalp which in some cases is the cause of dandruff.

In a 2016 study, Lavender oil also gained attention when it was shown to stimulate hair growth within mice. They found that the oil made their hair grow faster, thicker, and longer than before. Whilst human studies are yet to take this idea further, it is an exciting notion for what’s possible with pure oils. Plus, there’s no harm in trying this yourself at home!

Thirdly, we love rosehip oil. A non-greasy oil that absorbs well into the scalp. Rose hip oil is high in antioxidants, soothing inflammation – so useful for eczema. It’s also a good source of fatty acids, the most abundant fatty acid being linoleic acid – one of the two essential fatty acids our body needs but cannot produce. Linoleic acid is an essential compound in building omegas 3 & 6. Therefore, as an added bonus, it’s a great way to add this fatty acid into your diet whilst treating your scalp too!
100% PURE
When using and purchasing oils be sure to look for organic and unrefined oils. The same goes for essential oils – look for 100% pure and natural. No blending with cheaper grade oils, no added synthetics derived from aroma chemicals, such as synthetic linalool. The accepted common name should be given and the plant part used specified. Also listed on these pure essential oil bottles will be the country of origin and a batch number to account for any natural variations from harvest to harvest. When shopping for oils, heed this advice, be mindful, and do the research – even ask the company questions.
Making the switch to pure oils and essential oils is a great place to start your lowtox journey if you haven’t already. It’s straight forward, accessible, and there’s so much room to explore the array of scents and health benefits.
Thanks for joining us!