Experience the Healing Power of Sound with Our Vibro Sound Body Pillow

Experience the Healing Power of Sound with Our Vibro Sound Body Pillow

Immerse yourself in the world of sound healing with our innovative Vibro Sound Body Pillow. This high-tech relaxation tool uses the science of sound to help your body heal, relax, and thrive. With a symphony of frequencies at its disposal, the Vibro Sound Body Pillow connects with your body’s energy to promote healing and well-being.

The Magic of Frequencies

Our Vibro Sound Body Pillow utilizes hundreds of different frequencies, all emitted from expertly crafted crystal singing bowls. Each bowl produces a fundamental ‘note’, but within that simple sound, there's a complex structure of harmonics and frequencies. When you multiply this by the number of bowls used in each track, the result is a diverse range of frequencies for your body to tune into.

Your body needs a full spectrum of frequencies to thrive. With access to a diverse range of frequencies, your body has the resources it needs to function at its highest level.

Sound Healing: Science and Art in Harmony

When your body is distressed, diseased, or disconnected from its vital energy, it operates at a discordant frequency. This discord can block the movement of chi (energy) through your organs, cells, meridians, and energetic centers. But when your body encounters a stable and pure frequency, like those provided by the Vibro Sound Body Pillow, it can retune itself and start to function harmoniously.

This process of Resonance is based in Physics, demonstrating that a stronger frequency will entrain a weaker one. The healing frequencies produced by the Vibro Sound Body Pillow, when played on a medium such as water (which our body is up to 70% made from), causes movement and re-formation of the cellular and molecular structure. This helps your body's natural energy flow more harmoniously throughout your system, promoting overall well-being.

Uses and Benefits of the Vibro Sound Body Pillow

Our Vibro Sound Body Pillow is not just for relaxation. It’s a versatile tool that can be used in a variety of ways, such as:

Easing Pain

For those who experience chronic pain or illness, the Body Pillow offers a grounding experience through its healing vibrations, providing a sense of calm and ease.

Enhancing Yoga and Meditation

The Body Pillow can be placed in various positions to provide direct location vibrations. Its soft and malleable fabric allows it to be incorporated into your yoga routine. The sound tracks also facilitate deep states of meditation, helping you transition through different brainwave states in minutes.

Creating Family Bonding Time

Children love experiencing the vibrations of the Body Pillow. It offers a quiet moment for families to unplug from electronics and connect with their breathing, bodies and the shifting vibrations of their cells.

Improving Sleep Quality

Stress and disrupted routines can negatively affect your sleep quality. Incorporating the Vibro Sound Body Pillow into your bedtime routine can help your body fall back into the natural circadian rhythm and improve your sleep quality.

Proven Benefits of Vibroacoustic Therapy

Vibroacoustic Therapy, the science behind the Vibro Sound Body Pillow, has been developed to promote a range of health benefits. These include:

- Helping the body self-regulate to a calming state

- Lowering blood pressure

- Reducing pain and muscle tension

- Increasing relaxation and happiness

- Enhancing blood circulation

- Slowing the heart rate and reducing stress

- Improving sleep quality

The Vibro Sound Body Pillow/Pro is a must-have experience to dd on to your next service or even just come in as a stand alone treatment for relaxation, healing, meditation, and overall well-being.


Experience the transformative power of sound today. Now available at Ardor Organics in our hair spa room.