3 easy hairstyles for Christmas morning

Let’s face it. Christmas morning can be a whirlwind, especially if you have little ones with their eyes eagerly set on that present under the tree from Santa! If you’re anything like us, your Christmas day glam needs to be simple, effortless but still look great for those pre-lunch family photos.


Ditching the complicated, hour-long styles, we’ve chosen three of our favourite easy Christmas morning hairstyles that’ll stay put throughout your day.


Short Hair: twisted half up, half down

The half up, half down look is a stylish staple for any short hair beauty and this Christmas look is no exception. This quick, no-heat look adds some effortless glam to this classic hairstyle and finishes with your favourite accessory!


You’ll need:

  • Kooshoo Organic Hair Ties
  • Eco Style Project Dry Shampoo
  • Bobby Pins
  • Your favourite hair clip (bonus points for a Christmas themed one)


Create the look:

  1. Spray the roots of your hair with Eco Style Project Dry Shampoo to create volume
  2. Take part of the front section of your hair and twist it towards the back. Add some extra hair as you’re working your way back
  3. Do the same for the other side of your head
  4. Next, combine both and secure into a small ponytail
  5. Once secure, gently loosen the twist at the front of your hair and at the top to create volume where we’ve sprayed the dry shampoo
  6. Take a small section of hair and wrap around your ponytail to hide the elastic
  7. Fold the ponytail end into the back of your hair and secure with your favourite hairclip


Medium-Length Hair: the cool girl bun

We’re having fun with scrunchies in this one. Who knew that decades on, our collection of scrunchies from the 90’s would be sorely missed! This hairstyle suits short, medium and long lengthen hair but today, we’re having fun with effortless waves and a cool girl bun for shoulder length hair.


What you’ll need:

  • Organic Colour Systems Control Thermal 2 Twenty
  • Organic Colour Systems Control Texture
  • Kooshoo Organic Hair Ties
  • A Kooshoo Organic Scrunchie
  • Bobby pins
  • Your go-to styling tool (we’re using a hair straightener)
  • Wide-tooth comb


Create the look:

  1. Section your hair into a half up, half down style and secure into a ponytail
  2. Tease the ponytail to create extra volume
  3. Grab your ponytail and begin to twist it into a bun and secure with bobby pins
  4. Next, using your chosen scrunchie, further secure by wrapping it around the bun
  5. Spray your hair with heat protectant whilst your styling tool heats up
  6. In sections, use your hair straightener to create low maintenance beachy waves. Do this by bending the hair straightener backwards and forwards as you work your way down to the end of the hair
  7. Alternate what way the wave begins and ends for each section
  8. Continue this motion until the entire half down section of your hairstyle is completed
  9. Wait for the waves to cool before using your wide tooth comb to very gently brush the waves, separating them for extra volume
  10. Using your Control Texture styling product, create additional texture within your waves and at the roots of your hair


Long Hair: effortless, boho up-do

An up-do so effortless that we guarantee it’ll become one of your go-to styles!

Perfect for long hair, the finished product of this look is a bohemian-esque bun that exudes texture and frames your face.


You’ll need:

  • Kooshoo Organic Hair Ties
  • Bobby pins
  • Everescents Organic Conditioning Style Spray


Create the look:

  1. Section your hair at the back into 2 sections
  2. Put your hair into 2 loose pigtails and secure with a hair elastic. Leave some hair at the front to frame your face
  3. Take each pigtail and twist from top to bottom. Secure each at the bottom with another hair elastic. It’s totally okay if they become slightly loose.
  4. Next, grab each pigtail and loop them upwards into your original hair elastic. This should give you two loose loops instead of pigtails!
  5. Grab one of loops and pull it into the other, combining them
  6. This should leave you with a messy bun-style up-to
  7. Next, secure into place with bobby pins. Decide how loose or in-place you would like the hair. This step is totally in your hands!
  8. Pinch and pull-out sections gently to create some extra definition and texture
  9. Set by spraying Everescents Organic Conditioning Style Spray over your up-to to keep it feeling secure but not crunchy


Thanks for joining us!