4 steps towards a low-tox 2021

4 steps towards a low-tox 2021

When we think of new year’s resolutions, our minds often draw straight to hitting the gym or blitzing up those green smoothies every morning but what about a total lifestyle shift that supports both your health and the planet’s wellbeing? Now we’re talking!

It’s no secret that we’re wholeheartedly committed to our mind, body and planet here at Ardor so we thought this month, we’d share insight into how you can adopt low-tox habits for the better. 

Now, getting started with a low-tox life doesn’t always mean throwing out everything you own! It can be as simple as having a more conscious attitude towards what you’re nourishing your body, hair and skin with as well as the product you’re welcoming into your home. All about reducing the toxins and chemicals within our everyday environment, here’s 4 different ways you can create a safe, cleaner space for you and your family. 

Take a look at what’s in your cupboards (including your bathroom!)

When it comes to cleaning and household products, the list of ingredients on the back can look like a science experiment. Truthfully, it pretty much is and not good for our wellbeing! The smell and residue left from many household products are ending up not only in our environment but within our bodies (and I don’t know about you, but I’m not interested in having toilet cleaner in my system). 

Packed chemicals that can disrupt our hormones, impact our skin and unsettle our immune system, our leading tip when living a more low-tox lifestyle is to ditch the corrosives in your cupboard. Instead, it’s time to get familiar with some low-tox staples: vinegar, water, lemon and bi-carb soda. 

Together, these 4 ingredients, along with your favourite essential oils, can create highly effective cleaning products with zero compromise. Not only do these staples probably already feature in your cupboards but they’re going to save you hundreds in the long run! Think about the cost of your brand name spray and wipe versus the cost of a litre bottle of vinegar. Soon, your house is going to be sparkling and your wallet happier than ever. 

Unfortunately, the chemical chat doesn’t end when we make it to our beauty cupboard! Many popular cosmetic products are filled with ingredients like mica and synthetic fragrances that do our body and skin more harm than good. At Ardor, we’ve made the switch to INIKA organics for clean, inclusive and incredibly long-lasting makeup that is crafting from clean, botanicals and minerals. 

Ditch the single-use products where you can 

It goes without saying that the world is more aware than ever of the impact of single-use plastics. The rise of reusable coffee cups, bamboo cutlery and metal straws aren’t just an Instagram trend but a serious shift in living a low-tox life. 

According to KeepCup, one million coffee cups are contributed to landfill every single minute. Yes! Every minute! Multiply that by your morning café coffee run and that’s some serious contribution to our environmental stressors. 

Fortunately, there is now no shortage of amazing brands creating reusable cutlery and coffee cups that not only support a low-tox lifestyle but ensure you look good doing it too! The investment in a good quality set for you and your family means that the totally necessary coffee at the playground this weekend can contribute to a better future. 

Add plants to your space (no, really!)

2020 seemed to be the year of the crazy plant lady and we’re totally here for it!

Bringing some of nature inside your space is a quick, simply and stunning way to introduce some low tox living into your home life. 

We won’t get too technical, but some indoor plants can active phytoremediation which means they assist in filtering out toxic particles, such as formaldehyde within our indoor air. Derived from their roots and soil, indoor plants can assist in improving the air quality throughout our indoor living spaces whilst having a significantly positive impact on our mental health. 

Not only does adding some greenery to our spaces look beautiful but they assist in lowering our stress levels and supporting us to feel more calmed, soothed and zen. It’s one of the most special ways to bring low-tox vibes into your world!

Find your tribe

Living a low-tox life can extend to the way you take care of yourself, including your hair.

Tribes like the Ardor Organics team specialise in integrating low-tox beauty into our clients lives from the detoxification of their hair to the colours used to create their latest transformation. 

Leaders in low-tox knowledge, research and products, you can feel confident in the products and services we’ve welcomed into our business. Our Founder Gemma has asked all the nitty gritty questions on your behalf and ensured that every moment of your Ardor experience is one of zero compromise. 

Ready to take the leap to low-tox living? We’re here to support you!